Southern Industrial Contractors was recently awarded the structural concrete package for a new $250 million ground beef plant. The new facility is located
in the high plains region east of the Rocky Mountains. Once the facility is completed, 250 new permanent jobs will be created for this area.
Southern Industrial Contractors’ scope of work includes the installation of approximately 25,000 cubic yards of structural concrete, the installation
of 2,653 tons of reinforcing steel, the installation of numerous embed
plates / anchor bolts, and the installation of all waterproofing.
A portion of Southern Industrial Contractors' work on this project consisted of installing over 2,400 linear feet of cast-in-place concrete walls which are 30 feet tall and 2 to 3 feet thick.
In order to expedite this portion of the work, Southern Industrial Contractors brought to the project site two 230-ton crawler cranes. The cranes were rigged out with 200-feet of 92H tube boom along with utilizing 40-foot spreader bars. This approach allowed Southern Industrial Contractors to pre-assemble all MEVA and EFCO plate girder formwork gangs on the ground
and fly the forms into place. These form gangs were moved throughout the project in 40 foot sections making it possible to pour over 400 to 600 cubic yards of concrete walls each week.
The video above is depicting Southern Industrial Contractors' rod-busting crews flying pre-tied pedestal / pier steel into place. This particular rebar pedestal has 36 #10 vertical dowels and once flown into place, it perfectly aligned with the vertical dowels protruding from the previous pour. This type
of approach to the work creates a safe
working environment while simultaneously accelerating the schedule for the project.
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Southern Industrial Contractors is a full-service construction firm specializing in:

  • Site work, drilling & blasting, rock removal
  • Pile Driving (H-Piles, concrete pilings, auger-cast, drill piers, sheet piling)
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  • Concrete Demo/Crushing/Recycling
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  • Crawler Crane Services/Rigging (450 tons cranes)
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