Community Care and the Law 
seventh edition 
Luke Clements

  Community Care and the Law  is the pre-eminent legal text on adult social care law. It presents this complex area of law with clarity but without over-simplification. It provides a detailed route map through the law and offers practical guidance on how it impacts on procedures and services.

There is a comprehensive coverage of local authority duties and powers - to adults in need and to carers - including assessments, care planning, ordinary residence, care and support services, direct payments, NHS responsibilities, housing, safeguarding and the rights of asylum-seekers. The remedies chapter has a step by step guide to complaints, ombudsman and judicial review procedures.

This seventh edition has been fully updated throughout and includes:
  • an updated section concerning the well-being principles including reference to the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities General Comment (2017) on Article 19 (the right to independent living)
  • a new chapter focusing specifically on the Eligibility Criteria
  • coverage of recent secretary of state ordinary residence determinations clarifying the new rules relating to supported living and shared lives as specified accommodation for ordinary residence purposes
  • substantially reworked text covering the new (October) 2018 NHS Continuing Healthcare Framework Guidance
  • an updated information, data protection and confidentiality chapter referencing the Data Protection Act 2018 and the General Data Protection Regulation

Other social care law books from LAG:
Adult Social Care Law (2nd edn, July 2019)  by Stephen Knafler QC  includes over 800 of the most significant domestic and European cases that form the basis of adult social care law and many other cases in overlapping areas such as the NHS, mental health, housing, welfare benefits and support for asylum-seekers and persons from abroad.
'An invaluable summary of the legislative context ... a huge range of topics ... The book exudes learning based on practical experience in the day to day work of a legal practitioner in this field.' 
Karen Ashton, Elder Law Journal
'By adding the extracts from key legislation and guidance to the case summaries, together with succinct overviews of the provisions, he has managed to pull together an incredibly useful resource  ...  the fruits of careful editorial decisions shine through and reflect Stephen Knafler's huge expertise in the area.' 
Alex Ruck Keene, Mental Capacity Law and Policy

Court of Protection Handbook (3rd edn, July 2019) addresses in detail the practice and processes of the Court of Protection - across the whole range of its work - in terms that are aimed not only at lawyers but also to the increasing numbers of people who either by choice or otherwise are involved in proceedings before the Court of Protection without legal help.

 '[Court of Protection Handbook] should be in the hand of every practitioner and, more particularly, of every lay user of the Court of Protection.' 
Sir James Munby, former President of the Court of Protection

'[Court of Protection Handbook] is in a league of its own ... It can truly be said this book is a further step in the COP's revolution - with the court's door now just a little more open.' Richard Charlton, former President of the Mental Health Lawyers Association

NHS Law and Practice  (2018)  by David Lock QC and Hannah Gibbs  is the first book to describe the large and complex legal structures of the modern NHS. It explains the legal relationships between NHS commissioners and providers of NHS services, as well as explaining the structure of NHS regulation and it provides a detailed guide to enforcing patients' legal rights around NHS Continuing Healthcare, patient choice and the rules around NHS personal budgets.

'NHS Law and Practice ... is truly a ground-breaking book ... there has until now been nothing remotely comparable to this book or focusing on the very important topics with which NHS Law and Practice is concerned... No-one, within or outside the NHS, who needs to understand the legal structures and frameworks within which the NHS operates can afford to be without it.' 

Sir James Munby, former President of the Family Division

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