NEW BOOKS with Atlanta Authors and Atlanta Connections
This week's New Book Newsletter offers up a staff pick with a local connection, a book by two local authors, and an autobiography with connections to the King family! Along with three other books destined for the bestseller lists, readers can always find books that add context to living in Atlanta, as well as adventures to help them escape. Revel in city pride with stories about our city, or enjoy the benefits of living here by reserving any of these titles today.
None of the above : the untold story of the Atlanta public schools cheating scandal, corporate greed, and the criminalization of educators                                                                                    
🍑 - Georgia Authors

Shani Robinson and Anna Simonton recap the long investigation and trials surrounding the APS cheating scandal in this new release.

In March of 2013, 35 educators in the Atlanta Public Schools were charged with racketeering and conspiracy--the same charges used to bring down the American mafia--for allegedly changing students' answers on standardized tests. All but one was black. The youngest of the accused, Shani Robinson, had taught for only 3 years and was a new mother when she was wrongfully convicted and faced up to 25 years in prison. She and her coauthor, journalist Anna Simonton, look back to show how black children in Atlanta were being deprived long before some teachers allegedly changed the answers on their students' tests.

Stretching all the way back to Brown v. Board of Education, the landmark 1954 Supreme Court ruling that outlawed segregation in public schools, to examining the corporate-led education reform movement, the policing of black and brown citizens, and widening racial and economic disparities in Atlanta, Robinson and Simonton reveal how real estate moguls and financiers were lining their pockets with the education dollars that should have been going to the classroom.

Women growing older contend with ageism, misogyny, and loss. Yet as Mary Pipher shows, most older women are deeply happy and filled with gratitude for the gifts of life. Their struggles help them grow into the authentic, empathetic, and wise people they have always wanted to be.

In Women Rowing North , Pipher offers a timely examination of the cultural and developmental issues women face as they age. Drawing on her own experience as daughter, sister, mother, grandmother, caregiver, clinical psychologist, and cultural anthropologist, she explores ways women can cultivate resilient responses to the challenges they face.

Many readers will recognize the same insight and wit from Pipher's groundbreaking 1995 work Reviving Ophelia in her new volume. Click here to reserve your copy of Women Rowing North from AFPLS.
Detective Harriet Blue is a very good cop . . . gone very bad. 

In the space of a week, she has committed theft and fraud, resisted arrest, assaulted a police officer, and is considered a dangerous fugitive from the law.

It's all because of one man, Regan Banks. He viciously killed the only person in the world who matters to Harriet-and he plans to kill her next. As she recklessly speeds toward the dark side-and finally crosses it-Harriet won't stop until Regan pays for the many lives he has taken.

You can see a list of all the Harriet Blue detective novels on Patterson's website by clicking here . You can read dozens of Patterson's novels at AFPLS, or click here to reserve your copy of this newest title.
Called "a world-class power broker" by the Washington Post, Robert Brown has been a sought-after counselor for an impressive array of the famous and powerful, including every American president since John F. Kennedy. But as a child born into poverty in the 1930s, Robert was raised by his grandmother to think differently about success. For example, "The best way to influence others is to be helpful," she told him. And, "You can't go wrong by doing right."

Brown went on to play a pivotal, mostly unseen role alongside the great and the powerful of our time: trailing the mob in 1950s Harlem with a young Robert F. Kennedy; helping the white corporate leadership at Woolworth integrate their lunch counters; channeling money from American businesses to the Civil Rights movement; accompanying Coretta Scott King, at her request, to Memphis the day after her husband had been shot; advising Nixon on how to support black entrepreneurship; becoming the only person allowed to visit Nelson Mandela in Pollsmoor prison in Cape Town.

Carpenter and Quincannon, Professional Detective Services is a fixture in San Francisco at the dawn of a new century. While the future is unclear, Sabina and John know one thing for certain; they will protect their clients from flimflammers, thieves, and murderers, and do whatever it takes to run these dregs of society into the arms of the law.

Sometimes, that requires a subtle touch. Professor A. Vargas, self-styled medium extraordinaire, and his partner Annabelle, use guile and trickery to swindle bereaved men and women eager to contact the spirits of deceased loved ones. John and Sabina must not only unmask these charlatans, but also solve the riddle of an impossible murder in the midst of a séance.

The Flimflam Affair is the seventh book in the The Carpenter and Quincannon Mysteries. Revisit the whole series with AFPLS, or start reading their adventures for the first time, with Carpenter and Quincannon book one - The Bughouse Affair . You can reserve The Flimflam Affair by clicking here.

Sue Nelson, Sandy Springs Librarian, recommends the collection of short stories by Lionel Shriver, in part because it includes a tale that uses a book store in Ansley Mall as a setting. Sue once worked at that very bookstore!

Containing ten short stories and two novellas exploring the idea of property in every meaning of the word. Intermingling settings in America and Britain, these pieces illustrate how our possessions act as proxies for ourselves, and how tussles over ownership articulate the power dynamics of our relationships. In Lionel Shriver's world, we may possess people and objects and places, but in turn they possess us.

From the author of We Need to Talk About Kevin , Property is available from AFPLS as an ebook download or audio mp3.
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