August 18 2014
Environmental Health Trust
Education, Research and Policy to Reduce Environmental Risks
Participate in Old Bill's Fun Run on September 6.   This great community event has raised over $100 million for local charities in a decade. Come to EHT's booth at Old Bill's to learn about our current and upcoming projects.  Learn more   
CDC Provides NEW advice to Reduce Cell Phone Radiation
 "Along with many organizations worldwide, we recommend caution in cell phone use," CDC notes.  As the lead Federal health action agency, CDC provides tips to the public on how to "reduce radio frequency radiation near your body." Learn more   
Renowned Neurosurgeon, Distinguished Professor L. Dade Lunsford Weighs in on Cell Phone Health Risks reported in EHT paper
The health risks associated with wireless radiation are documented by L.Lloyd Morgan, Santosh Kesari, and Dr. Davis in their paper. The conclusion? Children are the most at risk from cell phone radiation. Learn more   
A Washington D.C. superior court ruled that five scientific expert witnesses can testify for consumers suffering from brain tumors allegedly caused or promoted by cell phone useThe Judge noted "the time for action in the public health and regulatory sectors is upon us."  Learn more and Listen to Joel Moskowitz's comments on the issue  
The Canadian Doctor's Declaration continues to gain support with even more physicians' signatures stating that there is "considerable evidence and research... that exposure to microwave radiation from wireless devices; Wi-Fi, smart meters and cell towers can have an adverse impact on human physiological function." Learn more   
How to Adopt a Wireless Safety Proclamation in Your City
Read our newest webpage: How to Adopt a Wireless Safety Proclamation in Your City. Several cities already have wireless safety proclamations. You can take action and raise the awareness in your community with this simple step. Learn More  
Dr. Mitchell Gaynor explains environmental causes of cancer. Learn about the environmental risks, the scientific evidence, and what you can do to protect yourself. 
 Learn more about what it means to be a volunteer. 
EHT needs your help to complete our infant and toddler brain modeling study to learn the true levels of radiation that young children absorb from wireless devices. Although millions of young children are using devices today, nobody can tell us what this may mean for their health.
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