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Monday Class Lineup

5:00 PM - Focus on Rally Flashcard Obedience

Drop-In Class (please RSVP by email) 

Focus on Rally is an amazing way to build confidence for the handler and the dog, as well as to build your bond.

Explore the art and sport of the Rally Course! Master Trainer Julie Hughes will help you learn moves that will make you and your canine partner shine!

6:15 PM AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Class ~ Week 5/6

Registration is OPEN for Classes Beginning 3/27! Email us for registration info!

Our AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Class is open to puppies who are 1 year old or less. This class teaches you how to better communicate with your pup, establishes some of the core building blocks needed by your young dog's mind, reviews rules of responsible canine ownership, introduces basic commands, and will set you up for future success in obedience. This is also a great class to socialize your puppies!

7:30 PM AKC Canine Good Citizen ~ Week 5/6

Registration is OPEN for Classes Beginning 3/27! Email us for registration info!

In Foundations (Canine Good Citizen), you'll learn how to work with your dog in simulated everyday situations in a relaxed, non-competitive atmosphere. You must take this class if you are new to Dog's Play unless you have a puppy or have proof of a passed Canine Good Citizen (CGC) from the AKC.

Canine Good Citizen is a 10-skill test that teaches good manners to dogs and responsible dog ownership to their owners.

RSVP to dogsplaytraining@gmail.com

**Day Campers and Boarding Open 7 Days a Week** 

Tuesday Class Lineup

6:15 PM Foundations of Agility

Drop-In Class - Please Email RSVP

For handlers and dogs who have a good background in obedience. New students will learn how to safely use agility equipment at an age-appropriate level for their dogs. Students must demonstrate specific skills to move on to the intermediate level.

7:30 PM AKC Agility League

Drop-In Class - Please Email RSVP

This is a great class to learn good handling skills and sharpen your team for agility competitions. 

RSVP to dogsplaytraining@gmail.com

**Day Campers and Boarding Open 7 Days a Week** 

Thursday Class Lineup

3:30 PM Out and About

(SMALL Group - Private Lesson - Email Us for More Info)

6:00 PM Hybrid Focus

Drop-In Class - Please Email RSVP

Our hybrid focus class is for canines who like to mix it up! Sometimes we do tricks, sometimes we practice general obedience, sometimes we do agility, and other times we mix it all together with a little bit of handling, rally, and other fun skills mixed in.

If you'd like a novel class, with many different skill sets practiced, contact us to join this drop-in class.

**Day Campers and Boarding Open 7 Days a Week** 

Friday Class Lineup


Reactive Dog Training

MUST RSVP via email. Private consultation required prior to attendance.

This is NOT a drop-in class.

Help for your feisty Fido!

For all of our canine companions who might have trouble with reactivity, this class is for you! Work in a small-group setting, with Master Trainer, Julie, on techniques for handling your reactive canine companion.

Saturday Class Lineup

Westside Park -

Address: 3346 NW 8th Ave, Gainesville, FL 32605

We will meet in front of the baseball field, directly in front of the parking lot. Parking is plentiful both at the park and across the street at the neighboring elementary school, Littlewood.

9:30AM Public Manners | Canine Good Citizen

Location: Westside Park - Gainesville, FL

Drop-In Class (please RSVP via email)

Practice obedience with your pup while out and about. This class has novel situations for the handler and dog to practice, helps your dog to practice socialization, and as a bonus, you can also work toward earning your Canine Good Citizen.


10:45 AM Advanced Public Manners & Obedience

Location: Westside Park - Gainesville, FL

Drop-In Class (please RSVP via email)

The advanced class is for well-behaved and non-reactive dogs who have already earned their Canine Good Citizen title. This class has the handler and dog practice advanced obedience and teaches the team the necessary skills for passing the AKC CGC Advanced and AKC Urban CGC tests such as the use of stairs, elevators, eating at a public restaurant, and extended down+stay, with recall.


This class is also recommended as a service dog public access class.

4:00 AKC Trick Dog -

Novice and Intermediate

No experience needed!

RSVP Requested via Email

This is not a drop-in class.

Max 4 humans/canines - $40 per canine - Includes Ribbons/Paperwork

Do you want to teach your pup some tricks? Does your canine already hold a CGC title? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then tricks might be for you! Work in a small-group environment, alongside Julie as she assists you and your canine in mastering tricks that will make you and your pup the stars of the show! Titles are earned in these small group sessions and testing for titles happens on a rolling basis with each session being just a bit different!

Save the Date! - ACT Trial @ Dog's Play Campus - April 2nd (Sunday)

Meet Ari! She is a very sweet pup, weighs around 45 pounds, is very sweet and friendly, and is fairly well-trained. She can be dog selective. If you're interested in meeting Ari for a potential foster or adoption, please email us - dogsplaytraining@gmail.com

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