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New Saturday night summer classes see below. TINY DOG CLASS SAT. AT 630.

Come on by for a drop-in class. All are welcome!

Drop-in classes are only $25 for unenrolled students and $20 for enrolled students!

We can't wait to see you and your pups!

It's hot but our air- conditioned training room stays cool. Please join us to keep up to date on your dog's training. 


Boom, Tony, and NV rock the agility courses!

Team Hughes proves that love, determination,

and a dash of good sense can make dreams come true!

Want your dog to be a super star?

We can help that happen.

Adoptable Dogs

Rescue and Rehabilitation

Come see our adoptable dogs (like Sully!) and meet your new best friend! We have a golden doodle prospect, poodles and pitbulls ready to be your new best friend.

Heartworms are deadly

Please be sure that your dogs are on Heartworm Prevention 365 days a year.

Preparing for Class

ᐅ Wear closed-toed, comfortable shoes for safety

ᐅ Bring a treat pouch or apron with room for different proteins. Use ziploc bags to separate your proteins. You can prepackage and freeze during the week.

  • Bring more than you think you will need!

ᐅ Lots of soft treats, such as:

  • Hotdog cut into bite size pieces
  • Soft commercial treats in small pieces
  • Fresh protein like beef or chicken
  • Soft commercial food cut into small squares

ᐅ Six foot leather, biothane, rope, or nylon leash in good repair

Absolutely NO "Flexi-Leads" on campus!

Absolutely NO poo-bags hanging from leashes!


ᐅ For nervous dogs, a towel or blanket from home

ᐅ For pulling dogs, Martingale collar and front closing harness. Clip the collar and martingale together in the front to give you more control.

ᐅ Bring your "YES"s to reward your dog.

  • "YES" is a marker word we use to let your dog know they performed the correct behavior.

Do NOT's

ᐅ Do not feed your dog a meal right before class.

  • They need to be a little hungry for all the tasty treats!

ᐅ Do not let your dog contact any other dog on-leash or without Julie's permission while on campus.

ᐅ Do not bring any female dogs who are in season to class. Please check with Julie for rescheduling.

  • This is for the safety of all of our students, including yours!

Class Schedule please RSVP to the drop in classes. If no one RSVP I will cancel. 



Monday Night Lineup

5:00 PM Focus on Rally Class Flash card obedience


This class is a great confidence builder for the handler and dog. Flash card obedience is a great way to build your bond. Summer special. Try your first class for 10 dollars! 

Explore the finer points of obedience and the art and sport of Rally with Master Trainer Julie Hughes. This is an excellent and fun class to teach you moves that will make you and your canine partner shine! Non-reactive students only.

6:15 PM AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Class

Enrollment Class next class starts  August 1st

Ask about enrollment you can join us late.

This class is open to puppies who are 1 year old or less. This class teaches the building blocks needed by your young dog's mind and will set you up for future success in obedience. This is a great class to socialize your puppies! There is an optional (but helpful!) workbook available for $10.

7:30 PM Foundations Class (AKC Canine Good Citizen)

Ask about this Enrollment Class next class starts August first

This class teaches the foundations necessary for all other trained activities. You must take this class if you are new to Dog's Play, unless you have a puppy or have proof of a passed Canine Good Citizen (CGC).

Canine Good Citizen title applications will be awarded at the end of this class to all passing students. Rosettes and flat ribbons are available to commemorate your achievement, and award medals sold separately by AKC.


6:15 PM Foundations of Agility

Drop-In Class now enrolling!

For handlers and dogs who have a good background in obedience. New students will learn how to safely use agility equipment at an age-appropriate level for their dogs. Students will need to demonstrate specific skills in order to move on to the intermediate level. Puppies and young dogs welcome!

7:30 PM Intermediate Agility

Drop-In Class now enrolling

This class is open to all dogs and handlers who have demonstrated the necessary skills to safely practice agility. Now we learn to compete in the sport!



There are no classes on Wednesdays, but make sure you are taking time to brush up on your skills and relationship with your pup.

We can tell if you skip homework! 😉


6:00 PM HYBRID Focus Work Class

Drop-In Class plenty of room

The gift of a well-rounded dog who can settle and relax is precious. This is an amazing class for students who need to learn a really good down stay, and for students who need to learn settling and relaxing behaviors. We also do different canine sports and tricks. This is a super fun way to work together as a team with your dog, perfectly paired with S.T.A.R. Puppy and CGC Class, this is one you shouldn't miss!

Saturday Classes

9:30 AM Manners & Obedience at Earthwise Pets in Jonesville Fl. Meet in back parking lot.

Drop-In Class

Walk about and practice obedience with your pup. This class is a ton of fun and you can also earn your CGC!

10:45 AM Advanced Obedience and service dog public access class.

Drop-In Class

  • This is the next-level class after Public Exposure and Focus on Foundations. We will work on advanced CGCA and your urban titles.

11:20 AM Regroup and Caravan to Lunch


To Be Determined at Regroup

Advanced Obedience and Service Dog students polish our skills during a safe out-door lunch. We go Dutch on the bill.

New Saturday line-up

6:30 PM Tiny dog social and focus group. For tiny dogs. Must not show aggression towards other dogs. Cost is 40 and limited to four dogs only. 

7:30 Agility open practice fun for all practice fun courses geared to your level. Puppies welcome. Please RSVP if you plan on attending.

Dog's Play Prep School

Our school is filled with good girls and boys who learn key behaviors to thrive in our human world. Filled with the best mix of fun and structure, pups go home tired and happy.

Drop Off

ᐅ Between 8:00 AM and 9:00 AM cost is $50 per day.

Pick Up

ᐅ 5:00 PM

Prep School Field Trip

Your pup will be safely loaded onto our school bus and we will work them around town, going to fun locations and teaching important skills. All aboard!

  • This is an additional service that must be added onto Prep School if you wish your pup to participate. Permission slip required!

Please check for availability


or text (772) 631-0160



Severe weather can result in a cancelled class.

Weather conditions that may impact classes include

  • Pouring Rain
  • Lightning
  • Flooding
  • Severe wind
  • Thick smoke
  • Temperatures below 40°
  • Please check with Julie via text if you think class may be canceled

    Do not make a special trip out if it is storming. Classes will be canceled.

Please check in at (772) 631-0160 if there are weather concerns.

How You Can Help

We are currently looking for real-world environments to aid service dog training and our pet classes. We need stores that will allow us to come in and train. I am licensed and insured and would be happy to pay a fee to train. It's getting harder to find places that allow groups to train in their stores, even dog friendly ones. Our teams are well mannered, and no reactive dogs would be included in these classes.

ᐅ If you know of a venue that would be great for our teams to train at, drop us a tip! We are looking for places that are willing to accommodate our class as well as be safe to attend, bearing in mind COVID-19.

I am also looking for volunteers to come out and work with some of our foster and behavior dogs from local rescues. Also, a web savvy person to help with our online presence.

I appreciate each and every one of you!