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We know this is a difficult time for many of your businesses as you balance the needs of your families, employees, and business operations. We're partnering with the City of Pueblo, Pueblo County, Pueblo Department of Public Health & Environment, The Greater Pueblo Chamber of Commerce, Pueblo West Chamber of Commerce, Pueblo Urban Renewal Authority, Pueblo Economic Development Corporation, Southern Colorado Community Lending, Colorado SBDC, Pueblo West, Pueblo County Sheriff's Office, & Pueblo Downtown Association to assess the impact of COVID-19 on our local business community.   
We know that the COVID-19 outbreak is impacting our members
 and that some of you might already be seeing a hit to your bottom line. We're here to help you access the tools, information, and resources you need right now. Our growing list of local, state, and national business resources (below) are here to make things less painful for your companies and organizations.
Support your business community
This is not an easy time for many of your businesses, and small, locally-owned businesses are especially vulnerable. 
Let's all do our part to support one another. Simple things like buying gift cards at your favorite shops or picking up a take-out order from a local restaurant can make a big impact. 
Support the Pueblo Community
We are seeing a significant outpouring of interest from residents, businesses looking for guidance on how to give most effectively to help address the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19). It's during times of crisis that our community stands together to support our beloved city,  Please  consider a gift, or a donation to a local non-profit.  By standing together, we will move through this evolving situation stronger and more resilient.  
Colorado COVID Relief Fund will support the needs of communities impacted by COVID-19 in both response and recovery. Organizations helping with the response to COVID-19 will be able to apply for funds starting next week. The fund will support work in three categories: prevention, impact, and recovery efforts. This will include things like medical and cleaning supplies, food services, early childhood education, small business support, behavioral health services, and more. Learn more at  Help Colorado Now.

Donating blood is a safe process and people should not be concerned about giving or receiving blood during this challenging time. And while blood isn't needed for coronavirus treatment, it's urgently needed for all of the other medical issues that crop up. We need more healthy donors to give now to prevent a blood shortage. Find a blood drive or donation center near you.
Business resources
There are resources available to help you get through a disruption in operations, including the Colorado  Small Business Development Center's website. They have the latest information from federal, state, and local initiatives, including  Paid Time Leave and SBA Economic Impact Disaster Loans.
On March 19, Governor Polis announced that Colorado's small businesses can apply for the 
SBA's Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program. The SBA assistance provides low-interest federal loans for working capital to small businesses that have realized economic injury from COVID-19. (See below for more information)
Unemployment resources
If you are an employer facing hard decisions right now, please consider the  Colorado Department of Labor and Employment's Workshare Program as an alternative to layoffs. The program allows your employees to keep working, but with fewer hours. While an employee is working fewer hours, he or she may be eligible to collect part of his or her regular unemployment benefits. The  Pikes Peak Workforce Center's Rapid Response team can also assist you.
If you are an employee that has been recently laid off, you may be eligible to claim unemployment benefits through the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment. These bi-weekly benefit payments help you focus on your path to reemployment and help lessen the negative impact that unemployment has on the economy. Learn more and start your claim  here.
Healthcare industry resources
The Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies is expediting licensing to increase workforce capacity, and temporary suspension of the application of laws, rules, and policies that will allow the state to expand its testing capacity for Coronavirus and ensure ongoing business continuity in the delivery of healthcare services. Provisions include:
  • Waiving licensing requirements and rules to allow for late renewals as well as reinstatements and reactivations during the emergency period of volunteer nurses and qualified licensed providers from out of state.
  • Waiving limitations on clinical instruction via simulation.
  • Expanding the scope of practice for physician assistants and nurses.
  • Waiving requirements of endorsement for qualified out-of-state professionals.
  • Expanding opportunities for telemedicine.
  • Granting pharmacists the ability to conduct screening tests in pharmacies and other testing centers.
  • Allowing pharmacists to administer vaccines.
Latino Chamber Events
Our primary concern is for the health and safety of our staff and our families, members, and mission partners. As of March 15, the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment (CDPHE) recommends that Colorado follow CDC guidance to cancel or postpone in-person events of 50 people or more. We are postponing or canceling events through early May.

Thanks to our friends at the Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce and EDC for some great tips and information! 
Novel Coronavirus Toolkit
The Coronavirus is here and its global outbreak require being proactive implementing strategies to protect our workforce while ensuring continuity of operations.

Below are links to several local, state and national resources including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to help educate employers and employees on how to prepare for and address the impacts of the Coronavirus. 

COVID-19 Volunteer Response & Recovery
Information & Resources from Colorado Dept of Labor & Employment regarding COVID-19
Governor Polis Secures Federal Loan Assistance for 
Colorado's Small Businesses

Gov. Polis Secures Federal Loan Assistance for Colorado's Small Businesses 
Approval Unlocks Billions in Economic Recovery Loans for Small Businesses Impacted  by COVID-19

Colorado small businesses impacted by COVID-19 can seek individual small business loans up to $2M as part of the Small Business Administration's Economic Injury Disaster Loan program. Small businesses throughout all 64 counties may seek SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loans. Governor Jared Polis announced that Colorado's application for federal disaster area designation has been approved.  

"The economic impact of COVID-19 has been felt across our stateWe are committed to protecting public health and safety and will continue fighting to ensure the pain that Colorado's small businesses are feeling is limited. This critical designation allows small businesses in all 64 Colorado counties to seek federal recovery loans that can help them through this challenging time. I thank the Colorado federal delegation for their efforts to help unlock this assistance," said Governor Polis. 

The SBA Disaster assistance provides low-interest federal loans for working capital to Colorado small businesses that have realized economic injury from COVID-19. Funding was appropriated through the US congressional Coronavirus Preparedness and Response Supplemental Appropriations Act. 

"Colorado's Office of Economic Development and International Trade is committed to helping our small businesses access these vital funds," said Executive Director Betsy Markey. "Eligibility information, loan application links and emerging economic recovery resources can all be found at"

"Small businesses are the fabric of our economy and their success is dependent on the ability to freely market products and services to communities across the state and world," said SBA Regional Administrator Dan Nordberg. "Local small businesses are bearing the brunt of that impact and facing a severe decline in customer traffic.  SBA's top priority is to assist businesses adversely impacted by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and our Economic Injury Disaster Loans can be the working capital lifelines they need to weather this difficult time."

Small businesses, private non-profit organizations, small agricultural cooperatives and small aquaculture enterprises impacted by COVID-19 can seek federal loans to pay key needs such as fixed debts, payroll, and accounts payable.

For more information, call 800-659-2955 or email
Pueblo Business Economic Recovery Team Deploys Survey

The Pueblo Business Economic Recovery Team has deployed their Pueblo County COVID-19 Business Survey. The purpose of the survey is to gain direct insight into the impacts of COVID-19 on local businesses of all sizes. Businesses across Pueblo county are encouraged to complete the short survey and provide feedback to the Pueblo BERT.

Businesses are also encouraged to share the link with other organizations in Pueblo County to help in 
generating more responses.

The Pueblo Business Economic Recovery Team is a collaboration between local government, chambers of commerce, and economic development focused agencies who have all come together to develop resources, support messaging, and positively impact local businesses.
DO NOT FLUSH WIPES! - From the Pueblo West Wastewater Treatment Plant
The Pueblo West Wastewater Treatment Plant, urges residents to NOT flush wipes down the sewer system. 'Flushable wipes' are not truly flushable. They might go down the drain, but they do not break up like regular toilet paper

The same goes for Clorox or Lysol wipes. They all must be thrown away, not flushed. We ask that you follow disinfectant product usage directions, products like Clorox are very powerful and should be diluted according to the product label. We are at risk of dumping so much disinfectant down the sewer that we may harm the biological process at the treatment plant.

Any type of wipe or paper towel can and will interfere with the Metro District's sewage collection and treatment system. This can cause backups and overflows at the wastewater treatment facility, possibly creating an additional public health risk in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

We appreciate your cooperation in this unprecedented time and please ask that you pass the message on.

Self-Care Tips & Ideas for you and your Family
COVID-19 Fact Sheet

COVID-19 Symptoms & What to do if you are sick with COVID-19

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Diferencia entre los simptomas de una gripe normal y el Coronavirus (Spanish)
Diferencia entre la gripe y Coronavirus
Diferencia entre la gripe y Coronavirus
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Infographic: What to do at your business

Interim Guidance: Get Your Mass Gathering or Large Community Events Ready for COVID-19
Stop the Spread of Germs (English & Spanish) 

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