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May 2022 | Issue 16
Solutions Spotlight

Your short-term rehab is likely your organization’s most well-recognized deliverable. As such, it is judged by referral sources and your consumer market as representative of the quality of your enterprise.
Read our guide to learn:
· The program outcomes that are a
standard for delivering quality care
· How significant the Section GG
outcomes are to care
· Changes that providers need to
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Speech Therapy: The Spotlight on Cognition

Nationally, the month of May recognizes several health concerns affecting millions of people throughout the United States. From ALS, Celiac Disease, to Stroke health care - it is important to raise awareness with these and several other debilitating conditions. By shining a spotlight on healthcare awareness, these measures  support funding and advancements in research, therapeutic treatments, and rehabilitative programs that assist individuals to combat daily challenges and to live life to their fullest potential.
The Great Resignation & The Impact on Cybersecurity

57% of executives said finding qualified employees is their biggest concern right now. And being in the Great Resignation, that percentage isn’t decreasing.

Organization's still need to move forward to hit their strategic objectives securely and confidently.

When your company has the cybersecurity back door unlocked due to a lack of personnel, it’s the easiest access point to your controls, systems, people, and reputation.
Five-Star Staffing Domain Nursing Acuity and Staffing Ratings 

Every quarter, HHI is inundated with phone calls regarding the Five-Star Staffing Domain for the Nursing Home Compare 5 Star Quality Rating. Most of the inquiries are related to seeking help with:  Assessing if all employees are accurately coded and reflected in PBJ submission,  Determining how many hours are needed to attain a higher star rating, or  Creating a customized spreadsheet showing current and needed hours for each Nursing category.
Special Savings from Value First!

Germ free is the way to be - save on COVID related costs!
Dementia and the Dining Experience

Residents in senior living communities who have dementia may have trouble engaging in everyday activities such as taking medications, dressing, and eating. Dining staff are uniquely positioned to bridge caregiving by recognizing the signs of dementia and supporting residents accordingly. Dining and care experiences must therefore be reengineered to address the needs of these residents. 
Medicaid Alert: New York State Budget and its Impact on Nursing Home Medicaid Eligibility

On April 9, 2022, Governor Kathy Hochul signed the annual state budget and addressed many important issues facing older adults. The budget expands Medicaid benefits for people 65 and over as well as benefits for the disabled. Permissible income and resource thresholds were increased effective January 1, 2023, allowing many more older New Yorkers to qualify for institutional Medicaid benefits than ever before.
Managed SOC

GreyCastle Security’s Security Operations Center (Managed SOC) provides end-to-end cybersecurity protection by filling gaps in your available time, budget, and talent. Managed SOC delivers end-to-end security solutions, including cloud-based technology, a dedicated operations center to identify and mitigate attacks on your behalf, and proactive toolsets that reduce risks and minimize the impact of future attacks. With our Managed SOC, GreyCastle Security provides 24/7 automated escalation and incident response with digital forensics expertise to reduce the time to mitigate and recover from incidents.
Health Insurance Literacy and the Surprising Impact it has on Recruitment, Retention and Cost

Join Nonstop Administration and Insurance Services, Inc. and healthcare concierge service provider TouchCare, for a webinar event designed to support leaders in their efforts to be employers of choice in a complex labor market. 
In this brief 20-minute webinar on Thursday, May 19th at 1pm ET, industry experts will join forces to discuss the importance and value of increasing employees’ health insurance literacy and its direct impact on retention, recruitment and the overall financial health of the organization. As an additional take-away, attendees will receive access to several educational tools that can be used to better inform, engage and enhance the literacy of the workforce.