Welcome to your CONNECTIONS.

Dear PAIS Members,

Many things are happening at your Pennsylvania Association of Independent Schools, so thanks for taking the time to engage with us in our inaugural newsletter.

I took over as Interim Executive Director on June 1 with some very specific challenges:
  • Identify, interview, and retain the services of new lobbyists to represent the independent schools in Harrisburg.
  • Restart merger conversations with ADVIS and move these discussions forward.
  • Manage and lead the process of reaccreditation with the Pennsylvania Department of Education and the International Council Advancing Independent School Accreditation (ICAISA).
  • Oversee and collaborate with Lukie Wells with PAIS’s accreditation process.
  • Explore professional development programs for the 19-20 school year.

You’ll find more on these vital endeavors throughout this newsletter.

I also brought my own agenda to this role: listening. As a Head of School for 16 years, I am here to listen, encourage and offer insights, as I have experience developing enrollment management strategies, collaborating with boards, shaping programs to engage students, leading successful campaigns, anguishing over disciplinary issues, joyfully serving as a community ambassador, and celebrating new facilities that better serve students.

While working to achieve our PAIS goals, I’d welcome the opportunity to meet with you on my “listening tour,” to see your school in action, hear your perspective on PAIS and learn how PAIS can better serve you.

Thanks for reading Connections; I’m looking forward to staying connected with you!

Sincerely yours,
Gary J. Niels