Our mission is to support and empower women globally, to become all God has called them to be.
Orphaned Shade (shah-day) , 12 yrs old  in front of her family home. 
Shade is one of the newest students to enroll at our new WIS Tailoring School in Bolgatanga. Shade is only 12 years old. And her story is tragic.

Last summer Shade's mother was killed in a horrific car accident. Shortly thereafter, left on her own, she was raped in her home by an intruder. Understandably she has been petrified to stay alone and cries often at the memory of the rape and of the loss of her Mum.

Shade came to our attention when she came to the home of Melisah's family asking for a job. Melisah asked her if she would like to learn to sew. She was excited to start right away but the leader of Shade’s community, who was asked to watch over Shade, would like her to attend school (5th grade) during the day. 
He says Shade is a very smart young girl. After school hours he welcomes her the opportunity to learn to sew. 

Amazingly, Melisah's family has invited her to live in their family home permanently where she will be watched over and comforted. We are so grateful for this family's heart for others. (see Elisah's story below).
Shade will attend public school daily and then join afternoon classes at WIS Tailoring School. Shade she is very excited! 
We have also asked the young ladies at the sewing school to be surrogate mothers to this young girl until she’s a bit older as she could use alot of mothering right now.

I often am reminded of Mother Teresa's encouragement for us to serve the Christ who stands in front of us. Aren't we lucky to have such a grand life-giving opportunity? We are changing lives one at a time. And we are so grateful. 
"Heartbreaking, but this is what God calls us to do. To love God first, and love our neighbors. God bless this child and guide us to help her in whatever way He sees
us doing so."
-Nancy, WIS Board Secretary
President: Maribeth Anderson
Vice President: Jennifer Appling
Secretary: Nancy Volding
Treasurer: Stephanie Avioli - outgoing
Incoming Treasurer: Kelly Boyd
Vicki Schmidt - outgoing
Jessica Garland
Beth Avant
Bridget Hilbe
Women InSpirit celebrates
our 5th Anniversary
Feb. 13, 2020!
ATTENTION: This necklace was purchased during our Dec. 4 Christmas Market at Heaven on Earth in Missouri City. It was not placed in your bag and we are sorry for that. Please let us know and we will mail it to you asap.
A Christmas Challenge of the Heart
Elisah and her new friend, 98 year old Apobiire
Given the challenge of spending 100cedis ($19.23) on a woman or project that lifts women up, Elisah and Melisah did not find it difficult to find women in need.
Elisah discovered that Apobiire, 98, was living in an unfit environment- no door, the walls and ceilings cracked so badly that Elisah feared they would fall in on the old woman. As it was, the woman was sleeping on sand floors on a thin mat. The woman has no children to look after her, she is alone. Elisah took her gift money and not only bought Apobiire new clothes and fed her, she asked her own family to take the woman in until a safer place could be found. The family gave up one of only two bedrooms to this woman. The other bedroom houses their father, Alfred, who suffers from mental illness. The other 9 members of the family are left to sleep on couches and floors. This is a Christmas gift which is reaching beyond the holidays. The woman is content and being looked after- bathed, fed, and comforted. Elisah reports that 1900gh ($365) would repair this woman's home.
We continue to fundraise by selling beautiful Ghanaian baskets made in Bolgatanga.
Melisah and Philip and Philipa, 4 year old twins.
Melisah found 4 yr.old twins, Philip and Philipa, begging on the streets along side their mother, Sakina. As a twin herself, she felt drawn to them. Melisah gave Sakina 50gh for each of the twins. "I was very happy because I was able to help twins just like Elisah and me. They were happy when I gave them the little I had. The mother even asked me to take their photos. It made me feel good."
Rosemond, student at KNUST in Kumasi, is set to graduate this coming year.
  • Thelma graduated in July from KNUST University and is doing her National Service. (One year after graduation, service is required for the country before they go out on their own). She is doing well- looking forward with the proper amount of anxiety and excitement to be on her own.
  • Rosemond continues her education and will graduate in September with a degree in midwifery. She has delivered several babies now, and looks forward to the excitement of graduation and National Service.
  • Rosemary continues in her 3rd year of college at KNUST. She is working on a B.A. in Social Work. Rosemary is one of our newest young ladies in college.
  • Agnes graduated in August from tour City of God's "A Time to Sew Tailoring School" in Accra's slums of Agbogbloshie. She is now taking classes to receive national certification before putting up her "shingle".
  • Fauzia will graduate in July from Gambaga College of Education and has just passed her license exam. She also has begun her year of National Service as a 2nd grade teacher. She is happy to be out of the classroom and teaching now!
  • Vanessa, 4, Fauzia's little girl will continue to be supported in preschool until the end of this school year. Our hope is that Fauzia will take over the education of her little girl starting in the Fall.. 
  • Sherifa continues in 5th grade at Golden Step Elementary. Her future is uncertain in private school because of costs. 
  • Matilda is now in 7th grade at Bolgatanga Junior High School and is doing well.
  • Mary is into her 2nd of 3 years at Bongo Senior High School. She is studying catering. We are grateful to donor Samantha Flock for providing Mary a full scholarship through high school.
  • Twins, Melisah and Elisah: Melisah is in her 2nd year of college at Bolga Tech, studying Business. Elisah is in her 2nd year in Sunyani School of Design and loving it- she has started to batik and make her own fabrics.
  • Legacy Academy Elementary- Finances seem to dictate that we must re-evaluate our support of Legacy. We are still sending funds for teachers' pay and feeding lunches. We are proud to have been a part of giving this community in Sherigu a big start on providing education to their little ones and are hoping to continue to be a small part of their school growth. Please keep them in prayer as they move forward and we search for ways to continue to help.
  • Women InSpirit Tailoring School- Since opening in June 2019, our young ladies continue to improve their sewing skills. The girls LOVE school and are excited to have a life focus. They are developing a true sisterhood and friendship. 
  • JayNii Tailoring School in Jamestown, near Accra- Construction has been completed. Tables and stools and wardrobes for the school are being built. Interviews are beginning soon, and the hope is for the school to be open in the next month.
  • A Time to Sew Tailoring School (Accra's slums of Agbogbloshie) The girls are doing well. Two girls have left the program and returned to their homes in the north, but three of them are working hard to graduate this year.

Thank you to all who attended our annual Raise 'n Graze brunch on November 2. Tamara Vogt, owner of Heaven on Earth, did a spectacular job of creating a gorgeous and inviting venue for us. It was a very successful fundraising event and a fun morning with friends of Women InSpirit. See you at our 3rd annual brunch in the late Fall!
Thank you to all those who donated this year.
A special shout out to my girlfriend, Betsy Freeman Mitchell, for a wonderful grant from Cynthia and George Mitchell Foundation.
Women InSpirit is run by women, for women.
  • College- $1900
  • High School- $600
  • Junior High -$400
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