NEW Dual Combination Tester Now Available
Dual Combination Tester
Simultaneous testing in 3 seconds or less...
Dual Combination Tester in-use
Testing wrist strap and
footwear with the 770750
Dual foot plate allows operator to test
  each foot 

* Simultaneous testing of wrist strap and 
  footwear reduces time spent at test station

* Relay terminal can be connected to an
  electronic lock or turnstile to grant access
  to those who have passed their ESD test

* Solid state test switch contains no moving
  parts and extends the lifetime of the tester

* 30 volt test signal provides accurate tests
  that are not humidity dependent

User adjustable test limits

* Meets ANSI/ESD S20.20 Personnel 
  grounding testing per ESD TR53

* Made in the United States of America

List Price
770750 Dual Combination Tester
770752 Power Adapter, 100-240VAC Input, 12VDC 0.5A Output, All Plugs
$  18.65
770751 Limit Comparator for Dual Combination Tester
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Made in the United
States of America

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