NEW 770760 Resistance Pro Meter Kit
Measures resistance point-to-point (Rtt) and resistance-to-ground (Rtg) of worksurfaces, flooring systems, garments, packaging, and other materials
Resistance Pro Meter measures resistance in accordance with ESD Association documents: ESD TR53, ANSI/ESD S4.1, ANSI/ESD S7.1, ANSI/ESD STM97.1 and others. View Features | Technical Document
Large OLED Display  
Displays resistance mantissa and exponent, temperature, relative humidity and test voltage
Internal Memory
Stores and recalls up to 100 measurements. Captures resistance, temperature, humidity and test voltage
Measurement Stability Modes
Sets the 15-second electrification period for test requirements
Electrode Spacers
Spaces the 5 lbs. electrodes 10 and 36 inches for resistance point-to-point (Rtt) measurement requirements of ANSI/ESD S.1 and ANSI/ESD S4.1
Measurement Location Labels (Pack of 25)  
Labels and tracks areas and materials measured for surface resistance
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