Notes from the Gitty Workshop, June 7, 2018.
EXTRA: Four Simple Cigar Box Guitar Lessons - Scroll down to watch
New Product Rollouts - Guitar Shop Tools!
One hat is for building guitars.
The other is for wearin' while playin' em.

We're dishing out a whole bunch of Summer Rollouts this month. This week, we feature some of our latest tools and jigs for your workshop. Next week, look for our newsletter with the latest instruments and playin' accessories.

There ain't nuthin' like building and playing cigar box guitars... We love this stuff!

Dig in.
NEW - Fret Setting Rocker Tool: Drop the hammer!!!

Here is an easy-to-use solution for setting frets into your fretboard, with no hammering required! Our own Jeff Rich developed this tool based on machines he saw while working in the Fender Guitars factory in Mexico, and used his ...

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Scarf Joint Miter Box Kit - Cut Perfect Headstock Joints

The miter box created from this kit allows you to cut perfect scarf joints with just a flush-cut hand saw (not included). Only a screwdriver is needed for assembly (no glue required), and only takes about 15 minutes. This miter box jig was...

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2pc. Fret Filing Tool Set - 35 and 90-Deg. angle files

Finally, an easy and affordable way to put the perfect bevel on your files AND take care of sharp fret ends! The bevel file tool will give your fret ends a uniform 35-degree bevel, giving them that professional finished look and...

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2pc. Laser-cut Acrylic Fret Rockers - Check your frets!!!

Each tool has four flat edges of different lengths. Place one of these flat edges over three frets on your fretboard and rock it back and forth. If you feel some rocking, then the middle fret is higher than the other two.

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Wall-mount Bench Tool Organizer Kit for Guitar Makers

This simple kit allows you to create a handy wall-mount tool organizer for your workbench! Assembly is as easy as can be - no gluing or clamping required, just a #1 or #2 Phillips screwdriver! The innovative tab & slot machine screw & nut...

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Four Simple Cigar Box Guitar Lessons
4 Simple Slide Cigar Box Guitar Lessons For Your Best...

Learning to play slide on your 3-string cigar box guitar can be hard. But not with Shane Speal's cigar box guitar lessons. In this 4-part video lesson series, Shane takes you on a ride from knee-slappin' country licks to sinister murder ballads,...

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From Gitty's Desk
I've been making time to get out in the shop this week, to work on a very special project. The rehabilitation of an old Kay guitar I found stuffed into the corner of a run-down outbuilding, on the edge of a friend's property in Dover, New Hampshire.

As the story goes, this guitar was bought at a local yard sale by none other than Irish music legend Tommy Makem. He decided he didn't like it so he gave it to his cousin, who then gave it to another cousin, my friend Charlie Boyle. Charlie is known for the musical get-togethers in his greenhouse, and apparently one night a friend broke the guitar in a fit of frustration over not being able to play it, and it was stuffed into a corner of the outbuilding. I discovered it there this past fall and asked Charlie if I could have it, to try to restore it.

It was in awfully bad shape after all of those years partly exposed to the New England elements... but the neck was still straight and all of the pieces were there, even if most of the old glue joints had popped loose. So this week I have been carefully re-gluing, heat bending and clamping the old girl back together. It is apparently a Kay 3500, a student model guitar which sold new for $30 back in the 1960's.

But as with many things involved in our hobby, the value of the story behind this instrument far outweighs any actual monetary value. Any time you can use materials that have a great story behind them, do so! That story gets carried forward into what you create, and lives on. To me, that's a pretty special thing.

Ben "Gitty" Baker
June 14, 2018
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