August 1, 2019

There's a lot to like about Sunpatiens, like their ability to handle the heat and humidity, durability in full sun and shade alike, and displaying beautiful color until frost.

They also come in a wide assortment of bright colors. If you drive by the capital downtown, you see a great display of red and white Sunpatiens planted on the front lawn along Monroe St.
(Available in a variety of colors)

Blue Butterfly Bush is a fast-growing, semi tropical perennial with a loose, sprawling growth habit which blooms in panicles of individual, uniquely shaped blue flowers that resemble butterflies. 

Easy to grow and quick to establish, you can plant it along a fence line, against a trellis or as a flowing free form bush!
It prefers partial shade, filtered shade, or morning sun with afternoon shade.
~ Start your butterfly garden! ~
Native butterfly attracting perennials!
Purple Coneflower
Passion Vine
Black-eyed Susans

 Hardy, award-winning Passiflora "Incense" Passion Vine is a fast-growing, deciduous climber with fragrant, royal purple flowers, 5 inches in width and adorned with a ring of paler, wavy filaments.

These fascinating blooms are followed by egg-sized, olive-green to yellow fruits with fragrant, tasty pulp. This elegant Passion Flower also enjoys a handsome foliage of three-lobed, dark green leaves. Tough and hardy, "Incense" can tolerate cold up to 32 degrees.

 This native vine produces tons of rich orange blooms throughout the summertime. The large, open flowers are a favorite of hummingbirds. These extremely vigorous vines grow up tree trunks in the wild, but also do nicely on a wooden fence or pergola.

Trumpet Creeper vines are able to cling to flat surfaces so they can climb a brick wall or wood privacy fence with ease.
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