250+ Acres 
DeSoto County
SE Hwy 31 #B, Arcadia, FL 34266

250+ Acres of land on Hwy 31 with LOADS OF POTENTIAL and over 3,000ft of Hwy 31 frontage. 

Possible residential development opportunity with public water and sewer connections already in place nearby. 

This property is currently zoned PUD with a future land use of Urban Center. 

ONLY 5 minutes to Publix and Walmart off Hwy 70, 25 minutes to Babcock Ranch, and less than 30 minutes to I-75 or Florida's West coast.

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Total Acres: 250 Acres
Price: $1,500,000

Did you Know?
Colonial Florida
Cattle Barons DeSoto County           Source PR02701 Florida Memory
Florida ranching has evolved from many different cultural traditions, though the most important sources were the marshy coastal areas of Andalusia, Spain, and the hill regions of Britain and Ireland. In Andalusia, ranchers living in towns hired cow hands (vaqueros), who marked or branded the cattle, managed them from horses, and moved them to different locations during the year. They later brought long-horned Andalusian cattle to the Americas. In highland Britain and Ireland, herders marked or branded cattle for identification, penned them at night for protection, and moved them to different pastures during the year. In the fall, the animals were sold to drovers, who used dogs and whips to drive them to markets or slaughterhouses. The Spanish and British took these traditions to the West Indies, where they were adapted to the tropical climate and combined to create ranching systems used throughout the Americas.
Florida's Andalusian/Caribbean cattle were the first in today's United States. Some scholars believe that cattle brought by the expeditions of Ponce de Leon in 1521 and Don Diego de Maldonado in 1540 escaped and survived in the wild. Organized ranching began with the founding of St. Augustine in 1565, when cattle from Spain and Cuba formed the basis of herds that fed the garrison and surrounding communities. In addition to herds owned by the Spanish and Indians, wild cattle flourished in the rangelands and prairies. Eventually Spanish colonists began exporting cattle to Cuba. During the 1600s, Spanish clergy raised cattle at the missions, where many Native Americans learned to tend them.
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