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April 13th Brunch Meeting Location
Changed to the
Westlake Yacht Club
32123 W. Lindero Canyon Road |Westlake Village
Democratic Women's Council of the Conejo Valley
Proudly Presents

Beyond the Verdict:
Finding out about the Grand Jury
and why it's important
Kay Diamond
Foreperson for the Ventura County Grand Jury
The grand jury is a civil investigatory panel  
of 19 citizens created to serve as a voice of the people and a conscience of the community.  
Jurors are not appointed by politicians; they are volunteers who act as independent eyes and ears  
of Ventura County residents.
We're Celebrationing
the 100th Anniversary of 
Women's Suffrage!
Welcome Speaker  
Jeanette Hosek

introducing the CA 2020
Centennial Women's Suffrage Project 
California women won the right to vote in 1911 but it wasn't until 1919 when Congress passed the 19 th Amendment (Susan B. Anthony amendment), that American women in all states had the right to vote. 36 states were needed to ratify the amendment and that occurred in August 1920 with the vote of Tennessee.

The historic women's suffrage campaign should be a testament to the importance of all citizens to be active in our democracy. There will be many celebrations throughout the USA, and in the various states celebrating the 100th anniversary. In California, a committee has been formed sponsored by the National Women's History Alliance called the CA 2020 Centennial Committee.
The committee is inviting elected officials, librarians, teachers, business leaders, community organizations and volunteers to join together in celebrating this historic event. The goal is to have local supporters and volunteers in every California county planning activities to celebrate the centennial.
Jeanette Hosek,
AAUW Thousand Oaks, CA
We're Women in Politics!   

Champagne Brunch Meeting
Saturday, April 13,  
9:30 - 11:30 am 


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Champagne Brunch Meeting
Informative, Enlightening, Educational News
from Democrats in Ventura & LA Counties
 Saturday, April 13th
9:30 to 11:30 am
at the Westlake Yacht Club
32123 Lindero Canyon Road 
Westlake VillageCA  91361 
$25 General Admission or $20 Premier Members
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