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In this newsletter, read about upcoming workshops on parenting and energy psychology. Also, learn about the two back-to-back events designed to help you get out of your own way and create the life you want. 

If you are a mental health clinician, consider joining our Advanced Training program. This semester, beginning this month, we will learn about the treatment of borderlines, narcissists, and antisocials, passive behavior, life scripts, relational therapy, working with dreams, and MUCH more! Or, consider joining us for a free Saturday Seminar and learn why people fly from across the U.S. to join this training group. Call (919) 929-1171 to learn more.

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Raising Families: A Parenting Workshop, Feb 19-20

Learn to replace struggle with joyful connection 

Perfect parents don't have children. Perfect children don't have parents who see them authentically. Ideas of perfection go out the window quickly after families have children. Even the books offered by "experts" disagree on what to do. There's a reason for that: Good enough parenting is just that: good enough. Good enough parenting looks different for every family. This workshop is designed to give parents the information they need to feel empowered and confident in their decision making. 

Two myths that hold families back from thriving are as follows. There is an ideal "happy" family life that is achievable. In this imagined family, there is no conflict and everyone is always happy. The second is that parents grow children. In reality, parents and children grow together to meet emerging developmental needs and challenges. This workshop help parents and children get past their stuck places, so the overall growth continues. 

Families are training grounds for emerging into society at large. (Perfection does not offer good training ground.) There's conflict. It's natural and spurs growth. Sign up for this workshop to gain the tools to go with the flow and cultivate realistic life skills in your children.

Family life is a form of art.
Raising a family is very much a creative process. Each family is unique, and there is value in that. Art is comprised of different colors, as families are of different people ... and personalities, and emotions, etc. The beauty of art--and families--is when everything comes together in a dance of contrast and harmony.

Learn to: 
  • Honor your unique and authentic self as well those of the other people in your family
  • Balance nurture and structure so everyone can thrive
  • Integrate thinking and feeling with doing
  • Establish boundaries that honor self and other
  • Cooperate at work and play
  • Balance consistency with flexibility 
  • Co-create an emotional and social ecosystem in which everyone thrives!
Play time!
Children (young ones too) are meant to be seen and heard-in families. Sometimes, they don't have the words to express what they are thinking and feeling. To make sure they are included in family discussions, we'll also review some play techniques that will give them a voice. 

About Emily Keller, PhD: 
I specialize in emotional wellness and regulation for the entire family. Raising children challenges us to adapt and change in ways for which we are not prepared. During these times, we might rely on ineffective methods of coping or find that we feel alone or inadequate. Tuning in to emotions helps us discover who we truly are and is a necessary component to living an authentic, meaningful life and for creating warm, nurturing homes. Get information about children, families, and emotional wellness that can help change the atmosphere in your home. 

As a mom of four boys, I know parenting is hard! Siblings argue, parents fight, voices are raised. Parenting education can help you replace destructive patterns with nurturing ones. If you think your family would benefit, sign up today. 

You will have the opportunity to address personal issues that you feel are getting in the way of being the parent you want to be. 

Change Your Life ... Achieve Your Dreams

What if you had a map to understanding yourself and others that offered a strategy for getting out of your own way and moving on toward your goals? TA 101: Understanding Yourself and Others is just that. Vann Joines offers the two-day workshop twice a year here in Chapel Hill and around the world. This event is March 3-4.   Sign Up Now

Jump start your new life by signing up for the Personal Growth Marathon held immediately after the TA 101 workshop. (March 4-6)

Learn what research tells us about lifestyle changes that improve mental health. 

The following workshops have been rescheduled: 

Evidence-Based Non-Medical Lifestyle Interventions that Improve Mental Health is rescheduled to a future date this summer. Stay tuned for more information about the science behind what works in helping your clients (and perhaps you) make lasting lifestyle changes. Learn what research says about small lifestyle habits that have big impact. Learn how to support long-term changes that reduce depression and anxiety, and increase overall joy. 

Mastering AIT Practice Seminar (MAPS) was cancelled due to the recent wintry weather. MAPS is rescheduled to June 3-5. If you are ready to master AIT consider signing up for this workshop! If you need the required pre-requisite AIT Basics, you are in luck. We will offer AIT Basics April 1-3 (no kidding). 

Energy Psychology Helps Clinicians Treat Trauma/PTSD

Advanced Integrative Therapy Bypasses "Talk" to Heal the Unspeakable

Almost all suffering stems from a form of trauma. Trauma can tak e place in an instant or occur slowly over time. It can be recent or historical, reaching all the way back to pre-birth and birth trauma. Trauma is locked in the body. It can be expressed as repetitive action s, compulsive behaviors, self-harm, frozen memories, or flashbacks that intrude unexpectedly. However trauma presents itself, it disrupts our relationships and daily lives at home and work. If the trauma itself isn't affecting us, the negative coping skills certainly are. 

Energy psychology offers hope. Finally, clinicians are learning tools that help their clients get the results they deserve. Advanced Integrative Therapy (AIT) is the most comprehensive energy psychology developed. If you suffer from PTSD, a traumatic childhood, recent trauma, relationship trauma, and anything you've had difficulty overcoming, consider AIT as a treatment options. If you work with clients suffering trauma, consider training in AIT. Southeast Institute Director and President Vann Joins, PhD said, "In over 40 years of practice, AIT is the most powerful tool I have found to help people heal trauma."

What is energy psychology?
For years, clinicians have known that traditional talk therapy does not help people suffering from trauma. That makes sense. As far as we know, thoughts form in the brain. Feelings and trauma, however, are intrinsically linked to the brain and body: where they can be formed, held, and expressed. Bessel van der Kolk elaborates on how trauma is held in the body in his recent book, The Body Keeps the Score.

Energy psychology (EP) is an emerging field that bridges body and mind by building on traditional Eastern knowledge of acupuncture, yoga, qi-gong, energy meridians, chakras, and more. Perhaps EP's attention to and integration of body and mind is why clinicians are finally reporting success in treating trauma and its effects.

The Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP) defines energy psychology (EP) as, "a mind-body approach to understanding and improving human functioning. EP focuses on the relationship between bioenergy systems, neuro and electro physiological processes, and mental functions involving thoughts, emotions, sensations, and behavior."

Southeast Institute for Group and Family Therapy has offered psychotherapy and training for nearly 50 years. We've incorporated energy psychology for nearly 20 years. Of the treatments we've learned about and taught, AIT is the most comprehensive and effective. We are excited to offer AIT to our clients and to clinicians.

What is Advanced Integrative Therapy?
Advanced Integrative Therapy is a dynamic new energy psychotherapy developed by Asha Clinton. AIT offers lasting relief from a range of psychological disorders, physical diseases, allergenic symptoms, and spiritual impasses. Starting from the premise that all upsetting events are types of trauma, and that they are housed within the body, mind and spirit, AIT quickly removes the after-effects of such traumatic events and clears the traumatic residue such as disturbing emotions, negative beliefs and attitudes, destructive desire and fantasies, addictions, compulsions, obsessions, dissociation, spiritual blockage, physical abreaction, sensitivities, and disease.

AIT also transforms negative character structures into positive ones, thus allowing therapists to successfully treat personality disorders, dissociative disorders, non-psychotic paranoid disorders, and obsessive-compulsive disorders. To do this, therapists learn how to access unconscious material, and how to move energy through the body's major energy centers (chakras) to eliminate symptoms, their cause and after-effects.

Read More about trauma, AIT, and energy psychology

Upcoming Energy Psychology Workshops at Southeast Institute:

February 3:  AIT Supervision
Monthly one-hour supervision with Vann Joines offered online. Required for becoming AIT Certified Practitioner.

With Gary Peterson. This is a comprehensive overview of the field of energy psychology. 

April 1-3: AIT Basics
With Vann Joines. Get started with this hands-on course offering a comprehensive overview of theory and skills, and the opportunity experience the benefits of AIT yourself.

June 3-5, 2016:  Mastering AIT Practice Seminar (MAPS)
With Vann Joines. Completion of AIT Basics is required. 

October 28-30, 2016:  AIT Basics
With Vann Joines. This is the comprehensive introduction to AIT theory, treatment planning, and techniques. 

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