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How has your week been? What lovely weather we have had although not sure what lies around the corner!

I have got back to you sooner than intended as I am thrilled to have the lovely Julia Triston back teaching an on-line course for you next month and I just had to get this news out to you.

This two day course is called ‘Text in Textiles’ and will involve stitching letters and/or words onto collaged backgrounds using upcycled materials. Your starting point will be a piece of writing that inspires you, such as a personal manifesto, a significant poem, a letter, or an important name. Alternatively it could be a special memory or an abstract reference, which you can interpret visually in text. (You may also want to include supporting imagery, if appropriate.)

You will begin by building layered backgrounds then sampling and experimenting with lettering and text styles. You will then choose elements of your inspiration to creatively transform and emphasise, by disrupting or highlighting characters in abstract compositions.

Techniques will include collage, appliqué, hand and machine embroidery, and working with dissolvable fabrics.

There will be an opportunity to produce a series of smaller samples, or to work on one more in-depth resolved textile artwork; all pieces will develop their own narrative.

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Now interestingly Matthew Harris was teaching a face to face course at Moor Hall last week and that was also about Text and he called the course 'Text.....ile'. Now I did say I would show work from Alice Fox and Amanda Clayton's workshops, but felt this time that Matthew's course followed the 'Text' theme rather nicely!!!!!!

His course was about looking at the calligraphic mark as a creative starting point. Through drawing and sampling students explored both the narrative and abstract potential of hand written text, and developed exciting new visual ideas about form, pattern, scale, shape and structure within textiles. Matthew delivered this course some years ago now and it is one that I can recommend should you see it advertised anywhere. It will get you thinking in new ways but also with opportunities of applying ideas to your current working practise. An excellent and stimulating 3 day course. Here is some of the work produced.

Such fabulous work, I am sure you will agree.

Now finally I must tell you about the Pearl of Africa Childrens Choir who are now touring England to great acclaim. If you find them in your area you must get to see them.

The choir will now be performing in October at:

St Laurence’s Church in Ludlow on Sunday, 22 October at 3pm,

Bishop’s Castle Community College on Monday, 23 at 6:30pm,

St Lawrence’s CE Primary School in Church Stretton on Tuesday, 24 (tbc) Newcastle Community Centre on Wednesday, 25 at 6:30pm.

Next time I will be back with images from Alice Fox's workshop and Amanda Claytons.

Bye for now

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