Dear Region 1 OSHA Outreach Trainers,

NEWS!  The OSHA Outreach Training Program Requirements January 2019 are posted to
OSHA Outreach Trainers are required to have current knowledge of OSHA's requirements and those of the OSHA Education Center. Visit:  regularly for updates and answers to your questions.

Outreach trainers check your DOL authorized trainer cards. DO NOT WAIT TO REAUTHORIZE. OSHA update course schedules at  

Registering for an OSHA Outreach Trainer Update Course:

When registering for an update course, include a front and back copy of your current trainer card with the registration form. In addition, each applicant for a trainer update must send in pages 1 & 5 of a Prerequisite Verification Form . On page 1 complete through item #6, then skip to line item #41, #42, then (read, sign, date) line item #43.

When registering for OSHA courses, you are required to register with your full and legal name as verified by a   Valid Government ID


Sample outreach class roster - ID must be verified and indicated on the sign-in sheet daily:

For learning objectives and instructor guidance on the new 1 hour introduction to OSHA,  read more here .

Outreach Trainers can order the 1 hour Intro to OSHA Booklets for Outreach classes using this  Book Order Form .

Outreach Trainer Resources:

* OSHA has issued a series of  new and revised fact sheets  to help employers comply with OSHA's respirable crystalline silica standard for construction. The fact sheets review dust controls that can be used for the equipment listed in Table 1 of the construction standard. 

* For Focus Four and Intro quizzes contact Leslie Singleton, Region 1 Outreach Training Coordinator:, or call 800.449.6742.

Once you have attended update training, it is your responsibility to update your information in the portal. Upload new front and back photos (jpg) of your card and enter your new expiration date. 
You DO need to upload images of your new card and put in your new expiration date. 
If you don't update in the portal, you will find that you cannot get in to file reports 
-- it will assume you are expired! 


For Frequently Asked Questions,   click here  

Call Leslie 800.449.6742 with questions or email

Please ALWAYS send Advance Notifications to 
  • DO NOT send to Also, 
  • DO NOT use the portal mechanism for advance notification. 
For full details regarding advance notification visit our Outreach Trainer section or  Click Here.

Call Leslie 800.449.6742 with questions or email
New!!! OSHA Outreach Trainer National Registry

Authorized OSHA Outreach Trainers are eligible to opt in to receive referrals from the new  OSHA "FIND A TRAINER" database.

Your trainer status must be current. You must be registered in the Region 1 New England Outreach Trainer Portal with CURRENT INFORMATION. 

TO OPT IN: Login to your account. Select TRAINER CONTACT INFORMATION from the left navigation after logging in. Update that page to indicate that you OPT IN to receive referrals. Make sure all information on the page is CURRENT and COMPLETE.   (Click here for a screen shot of that page)

QUESTIONS: Contact Leslie: or 800.449.6742.

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