Welcome to my podcast: Well Being Walks. In each episode, I am joined by a special guest for a walk – in nature – knowing that nature is where our souls sing. We all have a soul song, yet, our soul songs get silenced by our human “doing” – chasing achievement, chasing success, climbing the corporate ladder – DOING more. There is a real imbalance today in human DOING versus human BEING. In these podcasts we focus more on BEING human and what that looks like. We will share a collection of REAL conversations and stories from respected leaders and influencers who are exploring a different kind of leadership and how to live a soulful life that matters.
Please join us on a walk!

With respect and gratitude,

This week Kip walks with Dr. Beverly Edgehill and discusses what it is like to be a black female leader during these times and how Beverly sees leadership through her lens.
They share the importance of understanding one's own orientation/intentions and the power of building community vs. living with an us/them attitude. We need to be educated from each other and be curious to learn and understand. Learning and expressing one's own inner voice is critical. Silence is loud.

Dr. Beverly Edgehill is Senior Vice President, Global Head Organizational Development at The TJX Companies, Inc. and a former President and CEO of the Partnership. Listen here!
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