March 5, 2019
30-days No Contact or No Services = Exit

Effective Now!
Goal: all to be in compliance by April 1st!

What does this mean?
  • After 30-days of no contact (for Street Outreach - SO) or no service provided (for Supportive Services Only - SSO, the Coordinated Entry System - CES and Homelessness Prevention - HP), if they are entered into one of these projects, you must exit them.
  • When exiting these person(s) from your project, they must be exited as of the date that they were last contacted or provided a service.
  • Things to double check: All case management assignments, case plans and service transactions that are 'identified' or 'Open' are set to 'Closed' for the same date as the exit date.
Who does this impact?
  • The staff, interns and volunteers - those who work in supportive services only (SSO) and street outreach (SO) project as well as those that enter data into the coordinated entry system (CES) or homelessness prevention (HP) projects. It will make things easier to manage.
  • The individuals and families being served - they are able to provide a more accurate homelessness history with support of demonstrated breaks in HMIS. Each then has the oppertunity to become connected to the most appropriate level of resources for them.
  • The system - it will better demonstrate a much more accurate picture of the services and supports provided to each and every person in-need overtime. This also provides the ability to identify those with the most frequent needs.
Why is this good news?
  • Throughout our state, hundreds of clients are actively open to one of these projects at any point-in-time.
  • Case loads for staff across the board are already heavy, and sometimes it may seem impossible to check in-with every single client.
  • Waiting 90-days before calling a client 'inactive,' did not help in demonstrating where the client had been prior-to the most recent 'contact' or 'service.'
  • Now, things will be much easier! Checking every 30 days for the status of the clients currently open to your project will help you remove clients that you have not had recent contact with.

Rhode Island Coalition for the Homeless
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