Demands in manufacturing are: Do more processes and make different products in the same work flow. Robots help meet this demand. But time to change the end of arm modules for robots used to take hours.

Now, with "auto hand changers,"
making a change in a process takes only seconds!

Other benefits:

  • Robots can perform multiple tasks with a simple tool change
  • Can maintain operation while performing maintenance or repairing other tools
  • Increase productivity by performing multiple tasks with a simple quick tool change

What to expect from Koganei:
  • High repeatability
  • Lightest and physically smallest models in market
  • Rigidity to torque moments
  • Precision and accurate
  • FREE CAD/STEP data to review with your team
  • **Ask about compatibility with collaborative robot companies (UR, IAI and more)
  • Availability (from more than 40 stocking distributor locations throughout N. America and S. America
Additional products for end of robot arm
Compliance Light
Flat Type Air Hand