Exploring Disruptive Technologies
 and Smart City Mobility


1.) Disruptive Technologies for Transportation

10:05 am - 10:40 am
Joseph Chow , Deputy Director of the C2SMART Center at NYU Tandon

Caroline Samponaro -- Head of Bike, Scooter & Pedestrian Policy at  Lyft/Motivate
Su Sanni -founder and CEO of transportation startup  DollarRide , in a lively exploration of:
  • The micro-mobility trend and how Lyft-owned Motivate, the largest bike-sharing network in the U.S. is helping to drive the scooter and bike boom in cities nationwide
  • How DollarRide's app-based service is serving NYC's transportation deserts
  • The possibilities for achieving a fully autonomous-vehicle city
  • Whether a mixed autonomous city (some driver and some non-driver vehicles) is feasible
  • The role of disruptive technology in improving mobility in urban areas
2.) Making Cities Smarter: Using Tech to Enhance Urban Mobility

11:50 am - 12:25 pm
How are connected vehicle technology and other systems transforming urban transportation? What is the role of connected devices in solving urban congestion and improving mobility?
Stephen Girsky --  Managing Partner of mobility consultancy VectoIQ and former board member and Vice Chairman of General Motors, tackles these questions with a panel and presentations featuring: 

Stephen Smyth -- CEO of smart-city technology comp any Coord
Ro Gupta -- CEO of Brooklyn-based automotive-mobility startup Carmera

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