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PowerAmp™ Coaching - The Power of Coaching Amplified by Technology
Coaching is one of the most effective ways to develop professionals and leaders. Whatever your desired business outcome, coaching for your employees can have a direct impact on business productivity, job performance, retention, and engagement.

So, what if everyone on your team had access to a coach? This kind of professional development used to be out of reach, but our new PowerAmp Coaching Solution makes it available on a large scale in your organization. 

We are excited to announce the launch of PowerAmp Coaching, a partnership with Career Partners International (CPI) and LeaderAmp. It takes traditional coaching to the next level by increasing engagement, measuring improvement, and optimizing your investment via transparent progress tracking; all delivered by trained CPI coaches amplified by LeaderAmp technology.

Want to learn more about this new opportunity for your team? Join us December 17 at 9 a.m. CST to learn how PowerAmp Coaching can amplify your organizational results and boost your talent to advance your most critical initiatives.
Mantel of Leadership
Earlier this month, we hosted “Mantel of Leadership,” a complimentary workshop with Major General Angie Salinas, (RET) CEO of Girl Scouts of Southwest Texas. During the program Salinas shared her military experiences, what it was like to transition to working for a nonprofit and explained many of her successes and failures including stories that inspired her and shaped who she is as a leader.

During the session she discussed:
  • Becoming the 6th woman selected as General
  • Becoming the first Latina Marine General
  • Experiencing the lowest lows & highest highs in the military in 39 years
  • Understanding that hard work and character matter
  • Being accountable
  • Being kind and doing more – compassion
  • Finding a greater sense of purpose

Check out the full presentation here.
Recognizing Excellence & Showing Gratitude
Greene and Associates, Inc. presented on the importance of showing gratitude and recognizing excellence within your team last month. Barbara A.F. Greene shared an inspirational story about Jim Matson, who left an extensive legacy throughout San Antonio, including his service to Goodwill San Antonio. Matson believed everyone needed a cheerleader and that recognizing excellence in people was imperative to their growth.

During the session Greene outlined the importance of acknowledging great work. Your team feels seen and appreciated. Acknowledging great work creates an environment that promotes growth.

Additionally, Greene reviewed various methods of recognition.
  • Be genuine in your interactions with your team
  • Encourage others to build upon their gifts
  • Be spontaneous and seize the moment when you see excellence in the workplace
  • Write a handwritten note
  • Create a memorable moment or surprise
  • Nominate them for an award
  • Share the instances of excellence with others

Want more ways you can recognize excellence in your team? Download the presentation and watch the full video at the link below.
End of Year Giving
This year we have honored numerous nonprofits in the community at our complimentary workshops and Executive Leadership Forums. Please consider making a donation to one of these important community organizations when making your holiday donations.
Who We Are
Greene and Associates, Inc./CPI, founded by Barbara A. F. Greene more than 20 years ago, is an equity partner with Career Partners International. Organizations partner with the diverse team of professionals to provide an array of services. 

Customization of services is a hallmark of the Greene and Associates, Inc./ CPI team. Their experienced professionals provide programs that span the life and career cycle to include Executive Coaching, Presentation Coaching and On-Boarding, Career Transition and Career Development and Management, Leadership Development, Corporate Mentoring, Retreat Consultation, Design and Facilitation, Retirement Readiness plus other human capital initiatives. Our goal is to support organizations’ strategic business vision as they value their employees across their enterprise. Companies can contact Greene and Associates, Inc./CPI Firm when they want to take care of their entire workforce in San Antonio, as well as across the globe. For more information visit or call 210-366-8768.
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