St. Louis Catholic School
August 24, 2020

Dear Parents,

The diocese has changed the PowerSchool demographic update process. Please carefully review and follow the instructions below to update your child's information in PowerSchool by Friday, August 28th so that they may join us the week of August 31st.

All returning families should use their username and password from previous years (this does not change year to year). All new families have received a username and password in their welcome packet. If you have forgotten or have not received your user name and password, please contact Miss Lagos,
(please print out these instructions to follow)

Step 1: Visit (This must be done from a desktop; not a mobile device)

Step 2: Enter your user name and password

Step 3: In the blue horizontal bar, select the student profile you wish to update. If you have more than 1 child registered in K-8 at St. Louis School, you will need to complete steps 4 - 8 for each student. This update is not for preschool students.

Step 4: In the left Navigation menu, click on the Enrollment icon

Step 5: Authenticate your child’s birthday.

Step 6: You will be directed to an Introduction page with an overview of the updating process. (Please note, there is NO payment as noted in step 3 on this page.)

Step 7: Click "Next" to proceed through the Navigation menu on the left side of your screen. Not all information requested is applicable. In each section, please complete/review/update the following information:

  • Student:
  1. Student Enrollment information
  2. Home/Residences Information
  3. Mailing Address
  4. Tuition/Fees Payment
  5. Ethnicity & Race
  6. Home Language Survey
  7. Note, do not fill in the "Exceptional Education Information" section

  • Contacts:
  1. Parental & Emergency Contacts. In addition to parent contact information, a minimum of 2 emergency contacts is required for each student. (Note, for each parent, you must check "no" for Emergency Contact)

  • Priority:
  1. Select the order in which your contacts should be called.

  • Medical:
  1. Medical History & Information
  2. Permission for Emergency Care
  3. The Health History Update Form is NOT required. Only upload the form if there has been a change to your child's health history that the school nurse should be aware of. If you already submitted a hard copy of the form to the school, there is no need to submit it again.

  • Additional Enrollment Requirements:
  1. Skip this page; no documents are required to be uploaded.

  • Agreements:
  1. Student Directory Listing - by selecting "yes" the parent and home contact information in PowerSchool for your family will be shared with your child's class. If you would like to limit the information that is shared, please select "yes" in PowerSchool and fill out the St. Louis School Class Directory Form.
  2. Media Release
  3. Tuition Contracts - not applicable
  4. Student Handbook - All parents and middle school students are required to review the Handbook and sign and return the Elementary/Middle School Handbook Agreement Form stating they have read the rules and regulations outlined in this handbook, and they agree to abide by those rules. Handbook Agreement Forms may be submitted on your child's orientation day.
  5. Acceptable Use Policy Form - please print, sign, scan and upload. There is one form for Grades K-5 and one for Grades 6-12.

  • Diocesan School Student and Parent Agreement:
  1. Acknowledgement of agreement required

  • Signature:
  1. Electronic signature of parent/guardian required

Step 8: The Summary page will indicate which areas are completed or may be missing required information. You will not be able to submit your PowerSchool update until you have all green check marks. Please remember this update must be completed and submitted by August 28th.