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Promotes thicker hair growth at the follicle level by stimulating the hair shaft. We would love to have feedback on this! Read our Ingredient Spotlight below for the main ingredient [Acetyl Tetrapeptide-3] in this product!

We've combined Colloidal Gold, Silver, Copper & Platinum, with Glacier Water, and Rose Stem Cells, for a super power packed, antioxidant and anti aging mist. This product is the Shiznizzle! Read our Ingredient Spotlight below for the main ingredient [Rose Stem Cells] in this product!

Ingredient Spotlight!
Acetyl Tetrapeptide-3
This ingredient is featured in our GoW Follicle and Scalp Stimulator.
Our scalp naturally produces oil which can cause a build-up of sebum. One scalp stimulator is commonly referred to as acetyl tetrapeptide-3. Through in-vitro testing, this particular peptide has been shown that it can anchor proteins in the connective tissue. Combining this peptide with red clover extract helps to slow down hair loss as well as blocking the negative effects of DHT. What is DHT? The main hormone our body produces is testosterone. For this hormone to be carried to tissue such as the skin, the testosterone must bond with enzyme 5-alpha reductase which then converts the testosterone to DHT. Once converted this and the sebum blocks the pores which inhibits hair growth. DHT literally signals hair follicles to stop producing hair. Also, our bodies naturally produce this form of testosterone, internally at the cellular level!

Rose Stem Cells
This ingredient is featured in our GoW What a Gem Antioxidant Spritz !
These stem cells are extracted from the Alpine Rose which grows high in the Alps. These Roses have adapted themselves to be resistant to the harsh climate - below freezing temperatures, dry air and extreme sunlight.
  • Skin Stem Cell Vitality Improved
  • Protects skin barrier under harsh environmental conditions
  • Crows feet and other lines diminished
  • Skin Quality visibly improved
  • Boosts Epidermal Regeneration
  • Improves Skin Barrier Function
We have updated our Skin Care Kits!
Over time as we develop new products, we find that certain new products work better for certain types of skin. Every once in a while we update our kits to reflect this :)

       Did you know... ?
Pigmentation can actually get worse, even while using brightening/lightening products if you don't address the cause.
Some examples of how Pigmentation is created..
* Sun Damage
* Irritating Products being used on Sensitive or Semi-Sensitive Skin which cause melanin to produce in the skin
* Extracellular Waste called Lipofuscin which can build up in skin
* Acne Scars that won't go away
We discovered with time, customer feedback and communication that their product ingredients do matter along with what your skin is exposed to. If your skin care routine is harsh, for example, contains too many aggressive acids and/or applying them too often, thus irritating the skin which literally puts the skin in a defensive, protective state and it will produce melanin (pigmentation) to protect itself. Crazy, isn't it? We will suggest the customer deciphers their current routine and eliminate harsh products and add gentle, skin recovery products as well as a great antioxidant or two and skin brightening ingredients in their routine.
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