Managing Your MitoLife
You are rare and so is life with mitochondrial disease. Your health journey is uniquely your's. That means you have lots of important information about your life and health history to manage. We have good news -- there’s an app for that!

To help make managing MitoLife easier, you can create a virtual health binder using Zamplo. This new app puts you at the center of your health journey. You enter and access info on your smart phone or tablet, so everything is always just a tap away.

Use Zamplo to help you...
  • track symptoms, supplements, medications and activities.
  • note questions you want to ask at your next appointment.
  • capture lab results to share at appointments.
  • invite caregivers to help track and manage your health data.
  • create graphs summarizing trends, patterns and triggers
  • share reports with your health team using your data
NEW Resources to Help You Navigate MitoLife
If you haven’t been to our website lately, plan to visit soon! We are working hard to provide you with the information you need most. Every week we add new resources. Check out our latest additions...
NEW Managing COVID and MitoLife
The pandemic continues to challenge everyone. Many of us living with MitoDisease have important questions that need answers. Our new Managing Life with Mito During the Pandemic section offers webcasts, facts and FAQs addressing many of the questions you are likely asking.
NEW Understanding Clinical Trials
Join superheroes Hazel and Sam as they explore the world of clinical trials. This animation from Rich Toons was made for kids but offers a fun and fabulous explanation of clinical trials, why you might want to participate in one and how to do so. This page also list trials recruiting participants.
NEW Resources for MitoFamilies
We live in a big country with support that changes depending on your location. MitoCanada has curated a collection of support programs from across the country for patients and caregivers to help make finding the information and contacts you need - and can trust - easier.
Cross Canada Run for Faces of Mito!
Jon Paradowski has run 20-30 kms a day - everyday - since June 1st, 2021.
He runs to support the Faces of Mito -- Marsha, his partner.... Decklan and Jayden, the young boy and his mom who bravely face mito with every breath... and everyone at risk of developing MitoDisease. Jon knows we are all at risk and that there is still no cure.

Jon's goal is to raise $72,690 - $10 for every km he runs.
He's already covered over 6,500 kms and will reach his virtual finish line in just a few weeks. We respectfully ask you to support MitoCanada by supporting Jon with a pledge to applaud his efforts and know that we support him as much as he supports us.

We ask you to support Jon today because a time-limited incentive program has been offered to us so that we can stretches every dollar even farther.
From now until Jon finishes his run....
Every donation will be matched!
Every $1 donated will be matched by 50% to equal a $1.50 gift
so we can build more programs, support more research, and energize more lives.
What is it like to live with MitoDisease?
MitoCanada is committed to understanding and supporting the MitoCommunity.
We need to incorporate your experiences, insights and ideas because
you are the expert at living with mito.
Your confidential feedback will help us
identify critical gaps in care and develop the resources you need.
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