Contributing yet another enhancing cleaning feature for tube bundle cleaning, our newest  Lunch Box upgrade showcases a sleek Pecking Cycle feature
for cleaning plugged tubes.

As the operator comes to a plugged tube, the operator turns on the Pecking Cycle sequence by selecting the Pecking Cycle "On/Off" Button (see above).
The Pecking Cycle will then engage, retracting a timed distance followed
by  the immediate feed forward as a continuous sequence
in order to "peck" through the plugged tube.

Also included in the software feature is an adjustable speed control,
which gives the operator finite adjustment of the speed
and/or stroke length of the Pecking Cycle.
This Pecking Cycle feature is 100% software design, therefore eliminating the failure risk of any physical components and is  available for instant upgrade to current Lunch Box owners!

Pretty cool, huh? For more information contact us here!