JULY 2020
CODESP is a public joint powers agency. We offer employee selection materials/software and training for a low annual fee.
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As we enter into the new fiscal year, we want to share an update and some ways we are able to assist you in meeting your candidate testing needs.

Here at CODESP, we have been working to come up with ways to help customers meet their candidate testing needs, while still ensuring the confidentiality of our testing materials that are shared among the consortium.

While the remote or un-proctored use of our regular multiple-choice items and exercises are strictly prohibited by our member service and security agreements , we have developed the following new ways to meet your needs at no extra cost:

  • Entry-level Alternate (Non-Confidential) Multiple-Choice Items for use in remote testing systems
  • As a substitute for our standard multiple-choice packets/tests, we are currently developing batches of "alternate items" that are intended exclusively for remote/un-proctored use. These items will allow customers to use multiple-choice tests to reduce large candidate pools while maintaining the confidentiality of our regular items. These item packets will contain approximately 50 - 100 items and will be delivered via a Microsoft Word document and allow for easy copy and paste into a testing system of the customer's choosing. Do note that these items are intended for common entry-level classifications and customers must still use their own third-party testing system (such as Canvas, Blackboard, Test Genius) to administer tests. Administering via the screen share function in Zoom or other software is also an option. Please contact us if you have other administration ideas!
  • Alternate Multiple-Choice packets currently available include:
  • Custodial
  • Health Office
  • General Clerical
  • Paraprofessional (meets NCLB/ESSA requirement)
  • Student Assessment/Records

Please allow for up to five (5) business days for requests to be filled. If additional items are required/requested to supplement those currently available, please allow for additional time.

Additional item packets are currently under development. Alerts will be added to as new packets are added.

  • Customized and customer-specific scored Supplemental Application Forms / Training & Experience evaluations
  • In lieu of a multiple-choice test, some customers may wish to try this enhancement to the application process to help narrow the candidate pool. Additionally, Training & Experience evaluations can be used as an alternate testing component that can be attached to the application or distributed to candidates after they have applied with a deadline for them to return responses. Responses can then be e-mailed to job experts so that they can be scored remotely.

  • Customized and customer-specific Situational and Writing Exercises
  • In lieu of a multiple-choice test, some customers may wish to send customized exercises for their candidates to complete and send back. These can also scored remotely. They would only be used by your agency, to minimize the exposure to multiple candidate groups, across agencies.

  • Scored Interview Questions
  • Customers may conduct interviews with candidates remotely via Zoom, Skype, or other remote meeting service. You can even have a staff member conduct the interview and then send the recording to job experts to score!
  • It is our recommendation that the above un-proctored methods be used in conjunction with an interview to not only add another testing component, but also to verify information and confirm that the candidate was the one who truly completed the other test parts.

  • Proctored (In-Person) Online Testing
  • While un-proctored/remote testing using our online testing system is not available at this time, proctored online testing is available to agencies who wish to still test candidates in person while observing social distancing guidelines. Proctored online testing allows customers to minimize direct contact with candidates and candidate materials as all test results are tabulated automatically and testing stations can be sanitized between uses. All current test materials are still available for in-person proctored testing.

As always, interview questions can be found in our Interview Builder which can be accessed via the left-hand column after logging in. For any other test materials for remote or un-proctored use, including alternate multiple-choice items and customized exercises, please submit a request using the CATS Request Form conveniently accessed via the left-hand column after logging in. Simply type any special requests at the top of the area where you paste your job description. For any existing alternate packets listed above, please submit a new request and indicate it is for un-proctored/remote use. For questions on anything not listed, please contact us at to discuss options.

No matter what testing mechanisms you choose during this time, we encourage all customers to practice safe hygiene practices and take any precautions necessary to mitigate exposure to the COVID-19 virus. We recommend checking the CDC website for any updates on recommendations and adjusting your practices, as needed.
For those conducting testing in-person with social distancing, you may continue to submit requests for regular materials during this time. We will continue to fill these requests as usual. We are also aware that the majority of our customers are now working remotely and may have limited access to e-mail and other resources. As such, please do be aware that any requests that require additional information from customers will be delayed until we receive the information needed in order to ensure that we provide you with the most appropriate materials. We will be reaching out to customers directly whenever this may be the case.
If you are currently working with a third-party remote proctoring service and believe that the confidentiality of materials can be maintained, please contact us. Please note that any use of regular test materials in a remote or un-proctored setting without expressed written permission is prohibited and may jeopardize access to future CODESP materials.
We welcome any questions or suggestions you may have. Feel free to e-mail us at for any questions related to requests or for anything else. We will be sure to announce any change in plans, as soon as possible, if necessary. 

Be safe, practice good hygiene, and thank you for your continued support!
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