Some things in life can only be conveyed through direct experience.
An exquisite meal. A night at the theatre. Falling in love.

Or a Roving Bushtops safari.

However, our new Roving Bushtops film does manage to achieve the near-impossible, by capturing the essence of the Camp, the Bush and the Bushtops experience. It follows a young couple enjoying their honeymoon at Roving Bushtops - encountering a wondrous new world.

Take a look. It's as close as anyone could get to the central Serengeti, without actually being there!
We are enormously proud of Roving Bushtops. It's the third member of the Bushtops family, but the first to be built to move, should we choose a different location. However, we have no plans to move, since we think we are in the perfect place. The Camp is in easy reach of the seasonal migration (click here
for an indication of when the wildebeest are likely to be close to Roving Bushtops) and surrounded by wildlife all-year-round.


To celebrate our cinematic grand opus, why not take advantage of our special incentive to come and see Roving Bushtops for yourself? Until 20 December 2016 we are offering three nights for the price of two, or four for the price of three between now and the end of April 2017

Watch the film. 
Feel inspired. 
Get excited.
Share with your clients and book their stay at the incredible Roving Bushtops.
We promise they'll never forget the wonders of Roving Bushtops!

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