"FROM THE FIRST BUBBLY BASS RYTHMNS and seductive wordless vocal introduction of “My Ride or Die” and on through one of the most gloriously sexy and groovin’ Afrobeat jams you’re ever bound to hear, your ever-groovin’ body and toe tappin’ soul might be so caught up in joyful whimsy that you may not think twice about the unique dual musical history of its creators, the explosive songwriting, production and performer team of Matthew Shell and Kenny McNeil as co-producer and co-arranger on every song on this album. 

If somehow this irrepressible track – which finds McNeil singing sensually and passionately, caught in a lightning quick free flow of lilting tropical magic, about that loved one who never lets us down – is the first time you’ve heard what these innovative cats can do, by all means, check out their earlier 2023 release: the epic, equally intoxicating concept album We’ll Find a Way II: The Chill Afrobeat Album."

Jonathan Widran - Aug 20, 2023

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Saxophonist Douglas Lira writes: 

I'M A MUSICIAN, AND EVERY TIME I PERFORM I make sure to pour my heart and soul into it. My inspiration always comes from God, who gives me the strength and talent to bring happiness to those who listen to my music. When Matthew told me about a song that's about a man expressing how important his wife is to him, I really connected with that. It reminded me of how essential my own wife is to my life – she's like a precious gift, and without her, I wouldn't be the person I am today. This feeling added even more depth to my performance as a saxophonist, making it extra heartfelt.

Co-producer Angie Nicole writes: 


I GREW UP IN MUSIC AND HAVE AN ARRAY OF MUSICAL INSPIRATIONS, but I am always easily inspired by the wonderful work Matthew Shell and Kenny McNeil. Working on the song felt like mixing a colorful blend of rhythms and cultures. It shows how music brings people together no matter where they're from, and that's what keeps me excited about making music as a producer.



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