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Hey families! We hope you have been enjoying our STEM2home activities. This week we challenge your student to think like an engineer! Engineers solve problems and create things. Our STEM2home activity this week is to create a recycled race car!

We want to see what you did! Share a picture or video of the activity with us to be entered into a drawing for a family friendly STEM game (contact-less delivery, of course)! 
See Instructions below.

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STEM2home Activity
Recycled Race Cars
Time: 30 minutes
What you'll need: household items that can be used for the body of a car, wheels, and axles
1.      Gather some materials from around your house! You’ll need something for the body of your car, the axles (something like a toothpicks or straws), and wheels!
2.      Make sure everything you’re going to use is clean and that you have permission to use it.
3.      Determine where you want the wheels and axles to be on your racer, and carefully poke holes in the body of your car. You need one set of holes for the front wheels and another set of holes for the back wheels. You can do this with a pen or a toothpick, or even a screwdriver or scissors (but ONLY if an adult is helping you).
4.      Place your axles through the holes you made.
5.      Attach your wheels to your axles. You may need to use glue or tape, or anything else you can think of. 
6.      Test your car! Does it move? If not, what can you go back and redesign?
7.      Decorate your car and show us what you did!
8.      Do you need more of a challenge? Check back to see how to make your car balloon or rubber band powered!
STEM2home Career Connect
"Follow Your Passion"
"If you're good in math, science, physics, or biology, follow that path and don't give up. "
--Daisy Galeana, Mechanical Engineer
STEM2home Drawing
We're kicking off STEM2Home with a
chance to win a family STEM game or activity!
Follow these simple steps:
  1. Try the STEM activity above
  2. Take a picture of you and your family doing the STEM activity.*
  3. Share the picture on social media with the hashtag #STEM2home and tag us (@LetsGoBoysAndGirls) or reply to this email (

Deadline is 05/28/20. The winner will be randomly selected and notified by 06/1/20.
*Photos must be approved to share by legal guardian.
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