STEM learning can happen anywhere.
Blast off!  May 4 th is Star Wars Day and Astronomy Day is May 2 nd
In honor of that, this week’s STEM2home activity is headed for the stars!

We want to see what you did! Share a picture or video of the activity with us to be entered into a drawing for a family friendly STEM game (contact-less delivery, of course)! 
See instructions below.

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STEM2home Activity
Bottle Rocket
Time: 10-20 minutes
What you'll need: Plastic bottle, vinegar, baking soda, pencils or other object to stand your bottle up, tape, a cork or homemade bottle stopper, paper towel, funnel (optional)

Before you start: You can only launch your rocket outside!
·        Empty your plastic bottle and decorate it if you wish.
·        The pencils will be the legs of the rocket. Tape them to the bottle so that they extend about 2 inches past the opening and are evenly spaced. Check to see if your bottle can stand up on the pencil legs.
·        Turn the bottle right side up and use the funnel to pour in some vinegar. You want the bottle to be about half-full.
·        Grab a single paper towel from the roll. If there are multiple layers in the towel, separate them so you have just one thin layer. You’ll only need a small piece of the paper.
·        Scoop one heaping tablespoon of baking soda and dump it into the center of the piece of towel you tore off. Wrap the towel around the baking soda so it’s a snug bundle small enough to fit through the opening of the bottle.
·        Grab the bottle, the bundle of baking soda, the stopper, and take it all outside. DON’T do the next step inside – please!
·        Outside where you can make a mess safely, you’ll need to think about how to do the next five steps quickly to achieve a successful launch. You need to:
o    Push the paper towel-wrapped baking soda into the bottle
o    Snugly twist the rubber stopper into place in the opening of the bottle
o    Give the rocket a quick, hard shake
o    Set the rocket upright on the pencils
o    Stand back!
·        If you get some vinegar and baking soda on you, don’t worry! Just wash off and try again.
Image courtesy of Mini Scientists. Video courtesy of Sick Science!
STEM2home Career Connection
Aerospace Engineer
Sam Sayre
"I knew I wanted to be an aerospace engineer the first time I saw 'Apollo 13,' after the scene where the engineers use the box of random junk to fix the CO2 filters and save the astronauts."
--Sam Sayre, NASA Space Missions Planner
STEM2home Drawing
We're kicking off STEM2Home with a
chance to win a family STEM game or activity!
Follow these simple steps:
  1. Try the STEM activity above
  2. Take a picture of you and your family doing the STEM activity.*
  3. Share the picture on social media with the hashtag #STEM2home and tag us (@LetsGoBoysAndGirls) or reply to this email (

Deadline is 05/07/20. The winner will be randomly selected and notified by 05/11/20.
*Photos must be approved to share by legal guardian.
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