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It’s hip to be square! 

Something that might look like a magic trick can be explained with science! Learn how to make square bubbles in this week's STEM2home activity/giveaway !

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STEM2home Activity
Square Bubble
Time: 20 minutes
What you'll need:
  • Scissors
  • 6 pipe cleaners
  • 6 straws
  • Bubble solution (store bought or homemade--here's a good recipe!)
  • Large container or sink to hold bubble gum solution
1.      Use the scissors to cut each of the six pipe cleaners and straws in half. You’ll have twelve pieces of each.
2.      Twist three of the fuzzy sticks together at an end to make a triangular, pyramid-shaped component. You’ll end up with four, three-legged pieces.
3.      Slide a piece of straw onto each fuzzy wire leg. Some of the fuzzy wire should stick out of the straw on each leg.
4.      Build the cube by twisting the fuzzy wire ends on one component to the ends on another component. Connect the legs until the cube is complete. Make it as even a shape as you can.
5.      Mix the bubble solution. Check out the bubble recipe , or use some from the store!
6.      When you and your bubble solution are ready, dip the cube shape into the solution. Let it sit in the solution a few seconds and lift it out by holding on to two corners. Giving the cube a gentle shake helps the soap film even out itself and causes excess solution to drip back into the bucket. Set the “square” bubble on a flat surface to keep the bubble film stable.
You can gently shake the cube to change which way the film faces or just rotate the cube to make sure the square bubble in the center is horizontal.  You need to see the square when you look down into the cube from above it.

Use a bubble wand you have or make a wand from a pipe cleaner. Blow a bubble and drop it into the center of the square. Voilá! The bubble you dropped into the cube “magically” transforms from a sphere to a bulging cube. Now that’s a square bubble!
Image and video: Sick Science
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Corey Ashley
Creator of the app, Diné Adóone’é
Using Tech to Sustain the Navajo Nation
" I am really proud of the Android application, ' Diné Adóone’é' .
I created with the help of other Indigenous students here at Stanford. It’s an app that tells Diné people how they’re related through their clans using the Navajo language, which is how the Diné traditionally express kinship."
Image: Medium
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