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January 2024 | Issue 36

Solutions Spotlight -

Compliance - Senior Living Facilities Under the Legal Eye: Managing Risk in the Care Environment

Legal - Medical Debt No Longer Reportable to Credit Reporting Agencies

Diversity Committee - New Dialogue Toolkit Created to Help Members Engage in Challenging Conversations

Compliance - Unveiling the Future of Caregiver Training Service: 8 Key Insights You Need to Know!

Free Webinar - Preparing Your Application for Health Care Facility Transformation Program IV & V Funding


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Recreation & Activities Professionals Webinar Series February 5-8

Hear talks about the industry by nationally-renowned speakers and recreation and activities experts and come up to speed on best practices in programming and resident care– all information and ideas you can immediately put into practice!

This is a DON’T MISS event if you seek to enhance your knowledge,

elevate your residents’ and clients’ experiences, and improve your programs.

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Solutions Spotlight

Senior Living Facilities Under the Legal Eye: Managing Risk in the Care Environment

These are interesting times for the senior living facility industry. With the much-touted Fair Housing Act falling short of its performance expectations, US citizens looking to this law for non-discriminatory access to housing have often found themselves high and dry.

Senior living facilities offer a viable alternative as a safe and comfortable abode for the very different needs and requirements of the US’ aging population. Indeed, over 2.2 million of the country’s most vulnerable citizens already reside in nursing homes and senior living facilities, and the number is only projected to rise as the population ages.


Medical Debt No Longer Reportable to Credit Reporting Agencies

The rising cost of health care in recent years has led to a significant increase in medical debt, with far-reaching impact on New York consumers and their credit. On December 13, 2023, Governor Kathy Hochul signed legislation known as the Fair Medical Debt Reporting Act designed to address this consumer debt burden. The new law, which took effect immediately, bars hospitals (including nursing homes), health care professionals, and ambulance companies from reporting unpaid medical debt to consumer reporting agencies.

In addition, any contract between these medical providers and a collection entity must include a provision prohibiting that entity from reporting any unpaid medical debt to a credit reporting agency. Likewise, consumer reporting agencies may not include information on medical debt in their reports or files on a consumer, regardless of the date the debt was incurred.


Unveiling the Future of Caregiver Training Services: 8 Key Insights You Need to Know!

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, the recent update on Caregiver Training Services (CTS) brings forth a wave of excitement and innovation. The CMS Calendar Year 2024 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Final Rule introduced new billable codes that signify a pivotal step towards recognizing and supporting caregivers in their crucial roles.

Let’s explore the details of these new codes, their guidelines, and the potential impact they can have on patient care.


Leading Age New York Diversity Committee Releases 3rd Dialogue Toolkit

This toolkit is designed to help members engage in conversations that are challenging in the workplace. Issues of inequity that exist either at work or outside of work can have a significant impact on staff. Leaders and staff should strive to be empathetic and address these concerns with a constructive, nonjudgmental approach. Although these conversations can be difficult and may be new to having in organizations, this toolkit provides two approaches to guide you in talking with your teams when difficult issues of diversity or inequity are present in the workplace. It's important to note, staff should always follow organizational policy if issues appear to be discriminative.


Preparing Your Application for Health Care Facility

Transformation Program IV & V Funding

The New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) and the Dormitory Authority of the State of New York (DASNY) have issued a Request for Applications (RFA) for the Statewide Health Care Facility Transformation Program IV and V. Funds will be awarded in the form of grants to support technological and telehealth projects that facilitate health care transformation activities. Join Grassi Healthcare Advisors and Grassi Technology Consulting Partner, Hassan Khan, to learn more about the program, best practices for pursuing this new source of valuable funding and guidance to ensure you comply with all application requirements.

Click the link below and type in your information to gain access to the webinar recording!

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