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November 2023 | Issue 34

Solutions Spotlight -

Compliance - Best Practices for Staff Documentation in an Assisted Living Community

LEGAL - Not All Healthcare Agents are Good: Protect Your Residents with Guardianship Proceedings

GPO - What would You Do With $10,000?

FINANCE - Capital Optimization in the Current Economy


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A Free UST Webinar Exclusively for Nonprofit Employers

Our longtime partner, UST, works with nonprofit employers nationwide to help address common risks that can cost organizations thousands of dollars annually. Join one of their upcoming sessions—Workforce Solutions for Nonprofits—to learn about the tools and resources that can help your nonprofit streamline HR processes and ensure compliance with state and federal regulations. 

 As a Nonprofit executive, finance director, or HR staff, this webinar is for you! Register to learn about: 

• Reducing unemployment tax liability as a 501(c)(3) 

• The importance of a dedicated HR team 

• Ensuring compliance with state and federal law

• Managing unemployment claims, protests and hearings

Whether your primary focus is to protect your assets, ensure compliance, keep your employees engaged or to simply allocate more time and money to your mission-driven initiatives, this webinar provides expert insight and invaluable resources for addressing your current needs—helping you to refocus your funding and employee bandwidth on the communities you serve. 

Thursday, December 7th at 1pm PT/4pm ET


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Solutions Spotlight

Best Practices for Staff Documentation in Assisted Living Communities

In assisted living communities, the top priority is providing appropriate care and protection for residents. A key element of this is ensuring rigorous attention to accurate staff documentation. Maintaining correct documentation not only ensures regulatory compliance but also enhances resident safety. While effective staff documentation is essential, there are several challenges for assisted living communities in maintaining accurate and comprehensive records. To overcome these challenges, adopting best practices is essential to help streamline processes, improve operational efficiency, and protect the organization from potential claims/litigation.


Not All Healthcare Agents Are Good: Protect Your Residents With Guardianship Proceedings

In a recent case handled by Cona Elder Law, a hospital patient’s Health Care Proxy (“HCP”) demanded that the patient’s attending physicians cease and withdraw the administering of appropriate medical treatment necessary to alleviate his current symptoms, and to withhold all forms of medical intervention. Additionally, under the guise of the patient’s Living Will, the HCP also demanded that palliative or hospice care and services be administered to the patient, despite the fact, that his treating physicians believed that his current medical condition did not meet the criteria for palliative or hospice care. As the patient’s sister vehemently disagreed with the HCP’s directions to the attending physicians, the hospital referred her to Cona Elder Law. 


Capital Optimization in the Current Economy

Today's financial leaders operate in an environment characterized by intense competition and economic uncertainty. With an elevated interest rate environment, there’s more pressure to effectively allocate capital, manage risk, and build long-term resilience. Recent PwC research found that balancing cost reduction and growth investment is a key challenge for 89% of CFOs undergoing business transformation.


What would You Do With $10,000?

Value First is running the 5-Star Sweepstakes and your organization could win one of five $10,000 prizes. What would you do with $10,000? Maybe replace aging equipment or throw a staff party. The choice will be yours if you win one of the five grand prizes. Participating in the drawing is simple:

·     Members currently utilizing the Value First food program can enter by submitting the online form at

·     Members that are not currently utilizing the Value First food program can enter by submitting the online form at along with submitting one month of food purchase data so Value First can run a cost analysis.

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