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Survey Success!
Thanks to all current MSY Students who responded to the Reopening Our Doors Survey sent last week! We really appreciate all the valuable feedback and great comments. See some of the new summer options below.
Summer Unfolding -
we all bloom in our own way

While picking blueberries in our garden the other morning, I was struck by the exact nature of choosing which berries to pick. In each cluster of berries there is a variety of ripeness, of colors ranging from soft green to deepest blue, of plumpness and weight hanging from the stem, and of willingness to gently release its hold on that stem to softly roll into your fingers and drop into the pail. Appearances can be deceiving as the light changes from a passing cloud or the ripest berries remain hidden under shading leaves. My perspective had to shift to find those hidden gems, sometimes kneeling on the ground to peer upward for them or looking from the other side of the bush.

People these days remind me of those blueberries, as we begin to venture out of our family or community groupings into the wider world - some move tentatively, others set aside fears and stride boldly, and some remain in the protection of their cluster. We all have our own way of dealing with the events of these past months sheltering at home, and all have our own tolerances and concerns for staying close to home or going out. We are all finding our own way through these bewildering times, and like my blueberries, we will all ripen back into the world in our own way and timing.

Weighing that understanding of differences with the realities of owning a small business that needs to reopen has been tricky, at best. I was so encouraged by the results of the survey that aligned with my own thinking and assessment of the possibilities for reopening. Please answer the survey, if you have not yet had a chance, so all your voices are heard. Read below for our first steps towards seeing you all on the mat again, in your own time.

May we all bloom in our own authentic way and time!

Sending an abundance of light and love,
Summer Options at MSY
Exciting News!

Three ways to practice at MSY this summer!
  • Online Videos - remain part of our Virtual Studio by ordering videos to practice anytime, anywhere at home to keep your practice fresh
  • Yoga in the Park - join us for early morning classes in Middletown parks one or two days a week - Starts this week!
  • In the Studio! - we are returning to studio classes in early July - small classes, limited schedule, all health and safety protocols strictly followed (look for specific details next week)
Yoga in the Park!
Join Carla this week for a pop-up yoga class in Memorial Park
Wednesday June 24 - 8-9AM $10 fee
Pre-Register Online - ONLY 9 Participants
(or send Carla an email by Tuesday at 9PM)

Join with other MSY community members to safely practice yoga outdoors in the cooler early morning. This is a primarily standing practice taught at the gentle/moderate level - no props provided.

Meet: Memorial Park - just a block from the studio - meet in the grassy area near the parking lot next to the playground
(entrance opposite Church Street Office Building on Route 17S towards Burkittsville - just past LDS gas station)

Bring: Yoga mat, beach towel, water, hat, sunglasses
You MUST wear a mask until settled on your mat

Contact Carla with any questions
Final Week of the Online June Session!
June 1 - 26
Week 4 of the June Session begins today. The studio is still closed for in-person classes, so take advantage of these videos for practicing with us at MSY online.

June Schedule - Week 4
Chair Yoga - with Carla (alternates with Audra)

Moderate Plus Yoga - Exploring Balance - with Carla - (Moderate class with Vigorous options)
see description of this series below

Moderate Yoga - with Audra (alternates with Carla)

Gentle Yoga - Stress Relief for Modern Life - with Audra
see description of this series below

Yoga and Pilates for Bone Strength - with Mary
Friday Surprise Yoga! - Activate your Arches through Feldenkrais movements! - with Katie
see description of this class below

Visit the MSY website here to purchase your June Week 4 videos!
New Class Series
Moderate Plus Yoga - Exploring Balance
Join Carla to explore the interplay of movement and stillness, of focused and widespread physical awareness, and how to use them to establish balance through yoga. We will build standing balance pose series over the 4 weeks, using the principles of grounding, rising and expanding; as well as determine how breath, mudras, and affirmations affect our emotional and mental balance.

Gentle Yoga - Stress Relief Series
Join Audra for various practices to release stress in our bodies in gentle practices of stretching, movement, breathing, and stillness. Releasing stress in our bodies positively affects our physical functioning and calms our mind and emotions.

Create Bone Strength
This whole body fitness program utilizes balance exercises, weight bearing routines, and low impact movements to help maintain and stimulate bone health in a safe way. Come strengthen your whole body and improve balance! Chair and floor options will be given for all movements.
smiley faces on a pair of feet on all ten toes  VERY SHALLOW DOF - big toe on the right  in a park setting toned with a retro vintage instagram filter app or action effect
Friday Surprise Yoga!
Join us every week for a surprise instructor and topic!
Week 4 - Activate your Arches through Feldenkrais Movements
Join Katie to explore subtle yet profound ways to activate the arches of your feet to restore the spring in your step and create greater stability and balance in your body and life.

Tai Chi
Current Tai Chi Students - More videos coming your way this week, courtesy of Cain! Be sure to purchase the June Tai Chi Pass to continue receiving videos.
How do I register for classes?
For the answer to this and any other questions you have about our new online registration system, please: Visit the MSY website for detailed instructions, complete with multiple screenshots, in the "Registration FAQs" blog here .
yoga mats
Support your Home Practice
Tricky practicing without a block? Your dog ate your peanut?

There is a small stock of props available from the studio.
Contact us to purchase them from the Virtual MSY Marketplace.
Come experience why Mountain Spirit Yoga has been a Top Finalist for Best Yoga Studio in Frederick County for the past 5 years!

Classes, workshops, Private Yoga Therapy to serve the needs of all our students through Yoga, Pilates, and Tai Chi.