Sam Slom + Fred Hemmings Diagnose Hawaii's "Nonexistent" Republican Party Organization



Aloha Republicans:
Please take a few short minutes to watch these brief yet powerful highlights above from last Thursday's Insights show on PBS Hawaii.  Former state senators Sam Slom and Fred Hemmings speak openly and honestly about the woes of the "nonexistent" Hawaii GOP.
As guests on last week's show to discuss the topic "Why does our local Republican Party seem to be disappearing?", Slom and Hemmings nailed the problem with clear lessons for Hawaii Republicans and our beleaguered party.
Kudos to these two veteran Republican politicians who agree 100% with HIRA that instead of silence, neutrality, dysfunction and uselessness, our party must be bold, assertive, take stands on issues, push clear policy solutions, and make the case year round that Republicans are the superior political alternative to 62 years of Democrat failure.  Only then will the GOP start winning and making a difference.

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