Dear Parents,

We hope your family is safe and healthy , finding new ways to shelter in place!

While in-person Parent Education Series events are cancelled through April, we've begun offering online events featuring local and national presenters.

In addition, we created a COVID-19 Parent Resources section on our webpage . Click here for helpful news articles, videos, online resources, crisis hotlines, and more.

Next week, we're excited to offer free webinars with  Mark Reinecke, PhD, Child Mind Institute  ( Tuesday, April 28 ) and  Erin Vogel, PhD, #Vaporized ( Thursday, April 30 ) (details below).

Note: Webinars will be video recorded, but  please register to receive the Zoom digital link.

New webinars from Adina Glickman , Ana Homayoun , and FCD Prevention Works are posted to our Video Library on YouTube and Vimeo .

Here is a "sneak peek" at virtual events planned for April/May:

  • Tyrone Botelho & Tiffany Hoang, co-founders of CircleUp Education
  • Ned Johnson, co-author of The Self-Driven Child
  • FCD Prevention Works, "Healthy Adults for Health Kids: Modeling in the Time of COVID-19" (Spanish Version)
  • Madeline Levine, author of Ready or Not: Preparing Our Kids to Thrive in an Uncertain and Rapidly Changing World

We're also working on a home-based livestream of LIKE: A Documentary About the Impact of Social Media On Our Lives . Details coming soon!

Let's stay in touch via daily posts on Instagram and  Facebook , or email .

Take care and stay well,

Charlene Margot, M.A.
Founder and CEO
Upcoming 2020 Events
Online Webinars
Keep Calm: How to Manage Stress and Anxiety During COVID-19
Mark Reinecke, PhD, is Clinical Director of the Child Mind Institute - Bay Area. CMI provides evidence-based mental health and learning disorders treatment for children, teens and families in Silicon Valley.

Tuesday, April 28, 2020
12:00pm - 1:00pm
Online Event (Zoom Webinar)
#Vaporized: Navigating Teenage Trends in Vaping, E-Cigarettes, and Social Media
Erin Vogel, PhD , is a social psychologist at the Stanford Prevention Research Center . This presentation and Q&A session will cover vaping, social media, and their effects on teenagers' health and well-being.

Thursday, April 30, 2020
12:00pm - 1:00pm
Online Event (Zoom Webinar)
Virtual Events - Coming Soon!
Diversity Uncovered™ Training:
An interactive introduction to Implicit Bias, Equity, and Privilege
Tyrone Botelho and Tiffany Hoang are co-founders of CircleUp Education, a nonprofit organization that provides DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) training about implicit bias, diversity awareness, equity, and privilege.
Ready or Not: Preparing Your Kids to Thrive in an Uncertain and Rapidly Changing World
Madeline Levine, PhD , clinician and NY Times bestselling author, explores how we are failing to prepare our children for an uncertain future—and how we can reverse course to ensure their lasting adaptability, resilience, health and happiness.
LIKE: A Documentary About the Impact of Social Media On Our Lives
LIKE is an IndieFlix Original documentary film that explores the impact of social media on our kids' lives--and brains. Film screening to be followed by a panel discussion of experts.
Book Club
The Power of Showing Up: How Parental Presence Shapes Who Our Kids Become and How Their Brains Get Wired

Parenting isn’t easy. Showing up is. Your greatest impact begins right where you are. Now the bestselling authors of  The Whole-Brain Child  and  No-Drama Discipline  explain what this means over the course of childhood.
Blog Posts
What "Quaranteenagers" Can Teach Us
 Many teens are responding to shelter-in-place measures with creativity, resilience, and optimism for the future.
Published on Medium by Charlene Margot, M.A., Founder and CEO, The Parent Education Series/The Parent Venture
AIM for Better Communication
Why Attention, Intention, and Message (AIM) can improve the quality of interactions
Published on Medium by Bev Hartman, M.A., Founder and COO, The Parent Venture
Community News
Caminar's 17th Annual Circle of Support with Dr. Jess Shatkin
Born to Be Wild: Why Teens Take Risks, and How We Can Help Keep Them Safe
"Circle of Support" features Jess P. Shatkin, MD, MPH, nationally recognized child psychiatrist, educator, and author. Complimentary tickets!

Friday, April 24, 2020
12:00pm - 1:00pm
Virtual Event (YouTube Webinar)
My Digital TAT2
"Media in the Middle" Podcast
My Digital TAT2 is excited to share its first ever teen-hosted, teen-produced podcast in partnership with   Connect Safely
The podcasts explore topics that will help parents gain a deeper understanding of the struggles and challenges of living a 24/7 digital world.
Healthcare District
Sequoia Healthcare District -
2020 Spring HSI Newsletter
Sequoia Healthcare District and its Healthy Schools Initiative (HSI) provides grant funding to local non-profits that offer school-based health services. These grants directly benefit school communities and serve approximately 26,000 residents.
In the News
When a Child's Emotions Spike, How Can a Parent Find Their Best Self?
With families around the world spending unprecedented amounts of time in close quarters – and under varying degrees of stress – emotions can run high. Parents may not always feel up to this task – especially in challenging moments – and yet parenting can be an opportunity for adults to strengthen their own emotional intelligence. 
— KQED: MInd/Shift (Deborah Farmer Kris)
Photo credit:  (Nadezhda1906/iStock)
Parenting Quotes
“Full respect to every single one of you. This is hard on everyone, but it is especially hard on you. The resilience and strength you parents have is absolutely incredible and you must never, ever forget that."
— Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, father of one
Video Library
Raising a Resilient (Distance) Learner
"The Resilient Learner" is a holistic model created by Adina Glickman that describes eight key domains to help students thrive. This webinar offers an integrated approach to student learning, particularly useful in the time of COVID-19.
Balancing Screen Time, Unplugged Time, and Well-Being
In this virtual workshop, youth media expert Devorah Heitner, PhD, explores the social-emotional components of "screen time" vs. "unplugged time" during this unusual period in family life.
Healthy Adults for Healthy Kids: Modeling in the Time of Covid -19
In this virtual webinar, Deirdre Flynn , Senior Prevention Specialist at FCD Prevention Works , describes how healthy adult behavior can be a protective factor against risky teen choices.
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Since 2006, our organization has reached over 70,000 attendees on critical issues — mental health, substance use, sexual health, social media, and more — that impact the health, safety, and well-being of children and teens.

Questions? Contact Charlene Margot , M.A., Founder and Director, The Parent Education Series.
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