August 2019 Vol. 44

Worthy Parts launches NEW Platform
Worthy Parts and Industry Link Media announce the launch of new web platforms leading into the 2019/20 financial year, as both companies work towards servicing the mining industry in their respective sectors.... Read more
Worthy Parts capabilities
W orthy Parts is a globally recognised platform specialising in advertising parts and machinery in the mining and construction industry. Backed by a team of qualified tradespeople, the Worthy Parts platform connects clients with hard to source parts from around the globe....Read more

Full Production - Mining Podcast
Managing Director Michael Worthington talks about the past 12 months of business and the next 12 months. Plus hear him discuss parts, machines, expos and travel in this episode with Full Productions host Peter Finn.... Listen here
Community get behind Aidan and his family
Worthy Parts salesman Aidan Luke donates his handcrafted surfboard to a charity which supported his family over the past 12 months. The surfboard sold for $9000 and added to the total.... .Read more

CAT 988H Loader

36,065 Hours ex NSW
$195,000 + GST

CAT D6R Dozer

2013 Model, Low Hours, ex Qld
$280,000 + GST

CAT 140M Grader 

8,157 Hours, ex Pilbara
$185,000 + GST

CAT 854K Wheel Dozer

32,513 Hours, ex Pilbara
$375,000 + GST 

CAT 980H Loader

14,501 Hours, ex QLD
$160,000 + GST

CAT 930H Loader 

13,522 hours, ex Kalgoorlie


CAT 777D Torque Converter

Rebuilt, exchange 
Price Negotiable

CAT 777D Transmission

Rebuilt, exchange
Price Negotiable

CAT 14M/16M Transmission

Rebuilt, exchange only
Price Negotiable

CAT R1300G Transmission

Used core
$ 22,000 + GST

CAT 777D Engine

Rebuilt, exchange, 3508
Price Negotiable

CAT 972H Rear Axle Group
Rebuilt, outright

$33,000 + GST

CAT C27 Engine

Good take out, 2930853 arrg.
$18,000 + GST

SANDVIK DD420 Feed Cradle

TB60, Rebuilt, exchange only
Price Negotiable


Rebuilt, exchange only

Price Negotiable

SANDVIK DD420 Complete Boom

TB60, Rebuilt, exchange only
Price Negotiable

CAT 140H Grader Blade

NEW Aftermarket
$12,500 + GST

CAT R2900G Tilt Lever 

Rebuilt, outright

$22,000 + GST

CAT D10T Track Frame Set

Used take off, outright, toe out 
Price Negotiable

CAT 994H Axle Groups

Good used, outright
Price Negotiable

CAT R1600G Front Axle 

Good used, outright

$22,000 + GST


SANDVIK LH621 Loader

Wrecking for components

CAT R1700G Loader 

Wrecking for components

Sandvik TH663

Wrecking for components

CAT IT62G Loader

Wrecking for components

CAT 930G Loader 

EOI to wreck for components

CAT R2900G Loader

Wrecking for components
Michael Worthington
Managing Director
Jaymi Worthington
Managing Director
Phil Worthington
General Manager
Scott Worthington
Perth Manager
Blain Wilson
Goldfields Manager
Sean Wood
Special Projects Manager
Patrick Bermingham
Plant & Equipment Manager (Appraisals)
Dylan Grantham
Perth Sales
Zane O'Loughlin
Goldfields Sales
Aidan Luke
Goldfields Sales

Rick Butterfield
Workshop Manager
Jeremy Wilson W/Shop L/Hand
Taylor Myles Accountant
Danae Butterfield
HR Dept
Courtney Boyes Marketing
Chellany Maree Administration

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