New Year - New Roof
Perhaps New Year - New Roof is a reality for you in 2019 as we are coming off the most rainfall in 70 years. Reroofing is a large expense in capital and time.However, the process can be a HIGH QUALITY no hassle experience if we work together. Below are a few planning tips and things to consider as you prepare for your 2019 reroofing project.
Type of Roof
We can help you determine the type of roof and deck that you currently have and give you the best value engineered solution for your next roof…many times what you currently have in place impacts what type of new roof system you should install. You may be able to do a roof recovery, or you may need a total tear off. You may have stone ballast on your roof that you need to get rid of or it may need to stay due to logistical issues. We can help you figure all that out!

New Year's Goals
For my Roof??
 Absolutely! This is the time to figure out how you want your next roof to perform for you long term. Reroofing is the time to think about items like increased roof insulation to help with energy costs. Maybe you need to taper your roof insulation to get rid of some ponding water or "supersize" your gutters and downspouts to help get water off the roof. Thinking of LEED certification…this is the time to get your roof ready for that using a reflective energy efficient membrane. We can help add a dose of wisdom to your plans based on our 35 years of reroofing in the Atlanta area. Don’t do another roof without it! 

You bet! We have lots of examples to share with you…we can send you photo journals of reroof projects we have done over the years that are similar to yours so you can actually see how the process works…better yet we have plenty of references for you in the commercial industrial real estate community that can tell you a little bit about how we provide our clients with a HIGH QUALITY no hassle reroofing experience. 
Of course the cost of the project is always a big concern. We will provide you with a detailed proposal and corresponding photo journal to assist you in the budgeting process. If you are not ready for a lot of detailed information just yet, give us a call or email and we can help you with general budget numbers based on building size and the type of roof that you currently have.
Determine when you would like to start the project. We suggest that you contact us 3-6 months in advance. That will allow us optimal time to assess and prepare in order to make sure that we provide you with a High Quality No Hassle reroofing experience.
Give us a call.
Don't forget we also provide inspection, repair and maintenance services too.

May 2019 be your best roofing year ever!

Thanks for your support!
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