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NEW Product! Power Steering

We are proud to announce we're adding a new product line. We met Geoff Mason of EPAS (Electric Powered Assisted Steering) Performance at SEMA and we loved his products and we believe our customers will too. Here are the top 10 reasons why:

1. This is a thoroughly market tested product. The EPAS Power Steering Kits have been available for 4 years now, but the OEM unit, which the system is based on, has been available for 10 years. 

2. 5 year warranty. They believe in the quality of their products and stand behind them.

3. In stock and ready to ship! Your EPAS system will ship within a week!

4. Instructions - We want our customers to have everything they need, including detailed instructions for their application; EPAS makes the mark.

5. The price is right. 

6. Customer service, a priority for SST, is top notch!

7. Ease of installation - These kits can be installed by the hobby mechanic. Every detail is outlined in the manual and requires no welding or special skills.

8. Engineered and assembled in USA.

9. It makes driving fun again. Our products are all about breathing new life into your classics without changing the aesthetics of the car. These power steering units do just that, saving your arms the workload while hiding under the dash.

10. Videos! Life is so much easier with youtube on our smart phones to help us get things done! Watch one of his many videos before you install the system. Check out this YouTube Playlist to see the different videos that are available.

BONUS: If, and that's a big if, the power steering were to quit functioning or break, there is a fail safe back up, the original manual steering is left intact.
Buy Together and Save!
$100 Off Purchase of Transmission Kit & Power Steering Kit
Purchase the Power Steering Kit with a Transmission Kit and you'll get an additional $100 Off!

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Offer Expires 4/30/17. 
Available in the webstore now!
The Power Steering Kits are available in our webstore. If you don't see a kit for your car, EPAS will work with you to design a kit for your application, just give us a call. Find a kit for your Ford, Mopar, or GM.
How does the EPAS Performance Power Steering System work?
The computer measures the amount of effort on the steering wheel and amplifies it with the aid of the electric motor. The unit will multiply your effort by 5, so if you usually have to use 25 lbs of force to turn the steering wheel, with the power steering kit, you can put 5 lbs of force into turning the wheel with the same result.

A potentiometer allows you to have more or less assistance, so you can adjust the amount of power assist. For example, you can have maximal power assist on a parking lot, and less on the highway.
Installation and Review by Mustang Monthly
Back in January of 2014, Mustang Monthly installed an EPAS system into a 1967 Mustang and documented the install. You can read the entire article online.

We have a few customers who race their cars and need a custom EPAS system designed specifically for their needs. Look at their logo, EPAS Performance is already in the winner's circle waiting to make a kit just for you! Just let them know you heard about them through us and they'll design a kit that will fit your application's needs.
February Transmission Deals Still Going On!
To the lower 48 states or a comparable discount for those outside that area on all TREMEC Magnum and TKO kits for the rest of February.

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Offer Expires 2/28/17.  Cannot be combined with any other discounts or special offers.
We developed several new kits in 2016, and if you purchase one of these kits, we'll give you an additional $50 off! These kits qualify:

* TREMEC Magnum 6-Speed PerfectFit™ Kit for 1964-1972 GM A Body
TREMEC Magnum 6-Speed PerfectFit™ Kit for Mopar B-Body
TREMEC Magnum 6-Speed PerfectFit™ Kit for Mopar E-Body
TREMEC Magnum 6-Speed PerfectFit™ Kit for 1968-1971 Ford Torino/Fairlane
* TREMEC TKO 5-Speed PerfectFit Kit for 1968-1971 Ford Torino/Fairlane
* TREMEC Magnum 6-Speed PerfectFit™ Kit for 1963-1967 Corvette (C2)
* TREMEC Magnum 6-Speed PerfectFit™ Kit for 1960-1972 C-Series GM Pickup Trucks
* TREMEC TKO 5-Speed PerfectFit™ Kit for 1960-1972 C-Series GM Pickup Trucks

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