Winter 2023

Happy New Year!

May the year ahead bring you and your family great health, wealth and happiness as we countdown to the Year of the Rabbit! Only 2+ weeks before our premiere class and only 10 days remaining to register with early bird pricing.

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Dear Feng Shui Friends, 


I hope you are enjoying a happy, healthy, and safe holiday season! To all of those in Buffalo-Niagara, I hope you fared well in the Blizzard of 2022, which had the ferocity of the triple tiger year. The energy has been big, and it is not over till it’s over. The best way to work through and with it is to continue to go with the flow and stay flexible. Soon we'll be welcoming a softer and sweeter Year of the Yin Water Rabbit, with the energies shifting towards hearts, flowers, romance and a time of growth.


I am excited to be presenting my 19th annual energy changes class! 2023 is a big year, as it is the final year in a 20-year cycle of the “Period of 8” with a whole new period of Feng Shui on the horizon. Some of you have been with us since the beginning of this class in 2004 and I am grateful! Whether you are a die-hard Feng Shui enthusiast or a newbie, I hope you will consider attending our 1/14 class Live on Zoom, from the comfort of your home or book your private Annual Update. Check out our “Bunny Love Bundle” special to get caught up to speed to take the big class. Or get a special gift, if you invite a new friend to attend the class. We also have an exciting big reveal happening during the class, which you don’t want to miss.

To help you prepare your home to welcome the New Year of the Rabbit, tune into my 1/8 Lilydale Blog Talk Radio Show interview with Angie & Friends for some Feng Shui fun and practical tips on sprucing up the chi in your surroundings.

In the meantime, check out my new blog article on “Empower Yourself with Feng Shui - the Year of the Rabbit”.


Look for more Feng Shui videos and tips, leading up to the lunar New Year on 1/22 and Annual Energy change day on 2/4. Stay tuned and Like us on Facebook and follow us on IG to get notified for new posts.

Best wishes and looking forward to seeing you soon, 
Linda Ellson
President and Owner
Certified Feng Shui Practitioner



Find out what others are saying about Linda's Annual Energy Class!


"I wanted to Thank you for everything you do! I have been a fan with great respect since we met. I have kept up with my annual year change and have always felt the blessings and protection around me since incorporating your suggestions into my life!"

~Cathie S., Feng Shui Client & Student


“Truly, such an amazing spend of time today and grateful for the thoughtfulness placed in this presentation today. Once again ladies, standing ovation on your program today!”

~Kim K., Year of the Tiger On-line attendee


This class is always one of the highlights of my January.

I am so grateful that you continue to share your knowledge and offer the virtual meeting.

~Lisa T., Feng Shui client and Annual Feng Shui Energy Changes attendee since 2004


Year of the Rabbit: Annual Feng Shui Energy Class

- LIVE via Zoom

Saturday, January 14th, 2023

1:00PM-3:00PM EST (US and Canada)

Start your New Year with this Feng Shui must! Join us to learn about the Year of the Yin Water Rabbit and how the Feng Shui energy changes will affect you and your home/office. Discover how to make the appropriate Feng Shui enhancements for the New Year to prepare and support you and your space for the best year ahead!


  • Learn how to make minimal and easy changes to your home or office for optimal results in the Year of the Rabbit
  • See how to best enhance your health, expand your wealth, attract ideal partnerships or harmonize existing ones in the New Year
  • Examine how to maximize Feng Shui Luck inside and outside your home
  • Find out how to protect personal health and wealth luck
  • Learn strategic placement of symbolic Feng Shui objects, as remedies in your space

Instructor: Linda Ellson, Certified Feng Shui Practitioner, Feng Shui Your World

Time: 1:00PM - 3:00PM EST (US and Canada)

Location: Live online using Zoom Video Conferencing, from the comfort of your own home! Or Purchase to view on-demand, after the Live class is completed and edited.

Feng Shui Product Sales: Orders will be taken via email immediately after the class, with curbside pick-up on Sunday, January 15th. Details and pick-up location will be sent with class materials and discussed during Live class.

Did you see our big reveal coming soon in this newsletter?!

Cost:  $40.00 until 1/7/23 @ midnight$48.00, after 1/7, until day of class

Includes Live class, all class handouts and charts emailed the morning of the class to those attending online. Plus, a video recording of the class for 30 days so you can re-watch on demand!)

Register & Pay Now

*Note: This is an advanced level class. Prior knowledge of Feng Shui is recommended, including a consultation with Linda Ellson or with permission of the instructor. Purchase and completion of our “Feng Shui Essentials” on demand video class Now at more than 50% OFF will fulfill the requirement, if needed.


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Sweet Feng Shui Deal!

Annual Energy class gratitude & loyalty offer.

Invite a new friend to the Annual Energy class on 1/14 who's never taken it before and you both win. They will get a complimentary health amulet keychain and you, as the veteran Feng Shui attendee will get a complimentary special 1 month – “February 2023 Feng Shui Energy Report*” with a short personal video by Linda Ellson explaining how to begin working with the monthly energy at the time of the annual energy change. It is the secret ingredient in the three-layer cake.

Have you already registered for the class? Email Linda with your friend’s name and we'll be sure to mark it down.

* February report and video will be sent by January 28th. Keychain will be available for curbside pickup 1/15 or mailed within 1 week after class.

Annual Energy Update Consults

Reminder: It’s Feng Shui time to book your private on-on-one Annual Update with Linda Ellson.

Annual Update Offer!

Add a professional Space Clearing with Linda Ellson to your Annual Feng Shui Update and get 10% off with the code: happybunny at time of booking. It is a great way to ensure the old energy moves out and welcome the fresh new energy for the year into your home and business. See our blog to learn more about space clearing.

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New! Blog Article

Empower Yourself with Feng Shui -

the Year of the Rabbit

By Linda Ellson

Timing is everything and learning about the annual energy changes is empowering. Working with this new energy helps you to make the appropriate Feng Shui enhancements for the new year to prepare and support you and your home/business for the best year ahead...

Read Entire Blog here...

Lily Dale Blog Radio: Year of the Rabbit

Tune in for Linda's segment on

Spiritual Discoveries with Rev. Angie Abt on

Sunday, January 8th! – Facebook Live @ 10AM EST

View Linda with Registered Lily Dale Medium, Rev. Angie Abt on Lily Dale Blog Radio via Facebook LIVE for a conversation about Feng Shui, tips on how to prepare for the upcoming Year of the Rabbit and lots of Feng Shui advice. For details, link here.


It will also be streamed live on the Feng Shui Your World Facebook business page

The radio show will also stream live on the Feng Shui Your World YouTube page.

Coming soon!

Our Feng Shui Product Shop Page

We will be Revealing our reimagined Feng Shui product shop page for all your Feng Shui enhancer needs curated by Linda Ellson. Join us for the Live Reveal during the 1/14 Annual energy class!

Real Estate Update:

Buying and Selling Your Home - Spring Market is Near!

The spring real estate market is sooner than you think! The real estate market continued to be very strong through the first half of the year and as a result Hunt Real Estate had record sales in 2022. With the shifting market and an uptick in interest rates, it has become a better time for serious buyers to buy and have less competition in the marketplace while capitalizing on stabilizing house prices. However, there is still a shortage of homes for sale. Sellers, buyers need your homes, and I can help guide you the Feng Shui way, along with 16 years of real estate experience to prepare your home to capitalize on getting the greatest return on investment.

To get started with buying or selling, please give Linda a call at 716.863.8561 or email

Email Linda Ellson here
Visit our Real Estate Services web page to learn more.
Linda Ellson
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
Direct: 716.863.8561

Feng Shui Featured Tip:

Move 9 things a day for 21 days!

Clean and declutter 9 things a day that you no longer love, need or use for 21 days. 9 is a Fire element number to get you into action and the rising period power number. After all, 21 days can create a new habit and lead you right up to welcoming the new Year of the Rabbit on 1/22 with clarity and revitalized chi but remember don’t do any cleaning on the actual New Year’s Day itself.

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