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March 2016
Dear Friends of Shoals Marine Laboratory,
As I type these words, the SML academic program staff is busy giving out merit scholarships for summer 2016. This is an exciting time here as we anticipate working with these amazing and enthusiastic undergraduate scholars. I want to share a paragraph from one student's application letter. This is from an undergraduate who wishes to return to SML again: 
"As we all know, there are many different kinds of learning styles. Some people are able to gain knowledge by simply going to lectures and listening or by reading and making countless flashcards from a sea of notes, while others thrive in a more kinetic, hands-on environment. Ideally, learning should encompass all our senses which is the approach that best suits me. On Appledore Island, I am sincerely at home in that learning environment. The lectures are meaningful, relevant, and we are able to immediately apply what we learn in the field. Not only that, we make important human bonds and connections with our classmates because many of the projects are collaborative which is a real world experience. On Appledore, our senses are on fire and the neurons in our brains seem to ignite so that learning becomes so exciting and seemingly effortless; I truly feel like I learn, and more importantly, remember more in a two week SML course than I do in any class during a typical semester on campus." 
This sums up the magic of the Learning Island and explains why we are so proud of our mission and our ability to make this experience affordable for all!
SML's Dr. Seavey Elected to OBFS Board!
OBFS Member Stations in North & Central America
I want to announce my election to the board of the  Organization of Biological Field Stations (OBFS).  I am proud to be serving the needs of this international organization that promotes public awareness and supports the critical role of field stations in serving the public good. Public and scientific communities are increasingly concerned about our growing global environmental challenges. Field stations and marine laboratories put scientists and educators on the front lines to study and manage environmental change. The role of OBFS is more important than ever, and I know SML will benefit from a close association with the hundreds of field stations and marine laboratories served by this organization.
Step Back in Time This Summer at SML!
Photo: P. Randall
Step back to the 1800's this summer and into Celia Thaxter's inspiring flower garden on Appledore Island! Come see what inspired Childe Hassam to paint some of his greatest works! The SML horticultural intern and UNH's Marine Docents will treat you to stories of Celia, island history, the carefully restored garden. Celia's garden, Childe Hassam, and SML were recently featured in articles in the Huffington Post (click to read) and The New York Times (click to read)

Garden Tour seats are limited and going fast!  Register for Garden Tours here.

New SML programs!

Photo: Nature Framingham
SML Research is Taking a Tern!
SML was recently award a grant from the NH Fish and Game Department to manage the White and Seavey Island Tern Colony! The colony was established in 1997 and has been growing by leaps and bounds ever since. Today it includes common terns, artic terns, and roseate terns. We are excited to join forces with the State of NH to bring SML science to assist in the recovery of endangered seabirds!

Photo: P. Randall
Genomics comes to SML!
SML announces an exciting new internship coming this summer! The SML Ecological Genomics Internship will examine the relationship between genomic variation and evolutionary and ecological adaption in several species of intertidal marine invertebrates. UNH's Dr. David Plachetzki will be mentoring this amazing new program at SML!
In closing
Did you know that science degrees are consistently ranked among the highest for post-college job placement? Did you also know that experiential, field-based education and undergraduate research experiences are KEY to  recruiting  and retaining students in the sciences? Recent studies have shown the type of science education we offer at SML can make a significant positive impact on increasing our students' competitiveness in the work-force and graduate school. However, getting students to SML is complicated by the fact  that 80% of our students require financial assistance.  We are addressing the financial needs of our students in a number of ways. First, we keep the costs down by being efficient in our operating expenses. Second, we keep our rates equivalent or lower to taking a summer campus course at UNH or Cornell. Finally, we offer our students need and merit scholarships. Here is where your help is essential! We need to build our scholarship funds so that we can offer assistance to more students. We know that this is THE single biggest stumbling point keeping students from having a life changing SML experience. If you would like to see a wonderful example of the difference that a SML experience made in the career of a successful scientist who was recipient of financial aid, read about Dr. Jeff Corwin from UVA. Please help us make more lasting positive impacts on our students by  contributing to our annual fund today! We rely on and are grateful for your help to make SML opportunities available to all students!   

I would like to close this letter by saying how deeply sadden all of us at SML were to learn of the passing of Cornell University's President Elizabeth Garrett. Her passion for Cornell and higher education was something that resonated with all of us. Her love of the ocean was also something we all shared. She will be missed.  

With deep appreciation and warm wishes,

Jennifer Seavey, Ph.D.
Kingsbury Director of the Shoals Marine Laboratory
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