New Life...New Churches...New Leaders...New Challenges...
New Opportunities
I recently read about a new cruise you can book that is 274 days long. You visit seven continents and 65 different countries…all for only $61,000. Ready for an even better deal than that? Let’s go on a tour of God’s newest work in 11 countries…for free! Ready, Go!
New Life Received
Botswana. Thabiso is a youth pastor in Botswana. At a recent Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry (JFYM) training event, he shared that God began to grow their youth ministry after he challenged his students to meet in groups of 3 and pray 3 times a week for 3 friends who did not know Christ. Prior to the challenge, they had 9 students in their group, and now there are 21 new students attending! He said that the students he is discipling are being used by God to reach their friends who are being saved and delivered from alcohol and other addictions. That’s PRAYING WITH PASSION. And it’s what we train youth leaders and pastors all over the world to teach their young people…and it’s working!
Cuba. On Good Friday, over 28 people were baptized at Almendares Church, in Havana. Many of these new believers were young people who had recently professed Jesus as Savior. This church lives out a Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry paradigm of ministry, regularly seeing students saved and discipled as a result.
New Churches Planted
Mozambique. In the first three months of this year, our leaders have used the principles of JFYM to plant ten new churches. TEN! And we aren’t even a “church planting” organization! But, the essential characteristics of JFYM are being used to plant churches all over the world (97 new churches in 2022!).
DRC. As you may have read in last month’s “Connection Point,” the situation in DRC has been dire. Many internally displaced people are now living in tent villages in Goma, the capital city. They have fled the M 23 rebels who are wrecking chaos throughout the country. But, in this village, our country leader, Bertin Mwema, using JFYM principles, started a new church. He and his team are preaching Christ and restoring hope to many. They are also meeting physical needs as they are able. In this dark and seemingly hopeless environment, they are ministering to those who have been traumatized by the killings, rapes, and destruction they have witnessed. This weekend, Bertin sent us pictures of many young people who have given their lives to Christ and were then baptized!
New Leaders Trained
Liberia. In November of 2021, I taught JFYM to a seminary class in Liberia. Benjamin Yeager was one of the students in that class. This month, on the day before Easter, Benjamin had the opportunity to train 500 new youth, pastors, and youth leaders in Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry.
New Challenges Emerged
USA. Last month, Movement DFW met at Dallas Baptist University. Reach Out was featured on a panel that discussed “strong students” and the role of a mentor. Sobering statistics were unveiled regarding youth ministry in the US. Youth leaders and pastors present were encouraged and challenged by keynote speakers: Mark Matlock, Greg Stier, Billy Beacham, and Shane Pruitt.
Malawi. Because most of our news in the US seems to be primarily focused on a presidential election that is still 19 months away and the transgender story/stories of the day…you may have missed the reality that an enormous cyclone hit Malawi, causing catastrophic damage. This cyclone was the most powerful and longest lasting in recorded history. (It lasted 36 days and traveled 5,000 miles.) It killed over 900 people, displaced tens of thousands, and destroyed the homes, businesses, and churches throughout 7 countries (including these countries where ROYS also has leadership and training: Mozambique, Malawi, Zimbabwe, and Zambia).

This past weekend, Billy Banda, our Country Leader for Malawi, sent us these pictures of the devastation just in his own town! He is currently caring for a large number of people who have suffered from the cyclone…including his own relatives, church members, and other leaders we have trained over the years in JFYM. Many of these people have lost everything. Some of them even lost family members. This week, we have started a CYCLONE FUND, that will be sent to our Africa Continent Leader, Charles Juma. He is currently helping distribute financial assistance to our leaders who are working to provide relief on the ground for those impacted by the storm. To contribute to this fund, click HERE.
New Opportunities Ahead
El Salvador and Nicaragua. Two new entries into JFYM Online came from these countries. We are excited to see what God does in the lives of these leaders who are beginning to walk through our training online in Spanish, mentored by JFYM US Eagle Leader, Rick Eubanks (left)!
Pakistan. Friday, April 14, I will be using Zoom to train 40 Pakistani church leaders in JFYM. While there are several Pakistani nationals through the years that we have trained, this is the first large group JFYM training to occur in that country! Praise God for this new work!
Spring screams out “new” every year…new flowers, new goals, new commitments. How exciting to see new in multiple ways.

The ultimate “new” was spoken of in God’s Word in
Isaiah 43:19: “See, I am doing a new thing!” The Messiah…coming…to offer a new, once and for all redemptive work! Thank you, God, that you continue to offer a new start and forever with You to those who place their faith and trust in Jesus!
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