April, 2018  


The 2018 IM took place at The Hague Marriott Hotel in The Netherlands. 

With a wonderful central location, the IM was very well attended.  It was a fast-paced and very busy weekend! With informative sessions for first-timers and repeat attendees, the IM offered something for everyone - there was plenty to be learned about U.S. issues, UN Issues, FAWCO Youth, The FAWCO Foundation and so much more. The Sunday afternoon general session revealed the very deserving 2018 recipients of the Education Awards and Development Grants. The Foundation heartily congratulates all the recipients!

This year's Foundation Night festivities focused on the theme of Alice in Netherlands; all guests were invited to attend The Mad Hatter's Tea Party! Party-goers were adorned in Wonderland wear and/or hats of all kinds. It was a bright and colorful evening which included: a costume and hat contest, the wonderful song stylings of Kanika Holloway, the Tweedledee Tweedledum Tweedle Dip (Aurora Silvestri) and, of course, both the Silent Auction (Carol-Lyn McKelvey and Julie Meyerson) and the Live Auction (Alicia Santiago). Special thanks to all of you who gave so much of your time and talent in contribution to Foundation Night.

Throughout the evening, our guests truly displayed their generosity and spirit in support of The Foundation and its programs and for that, we are truly grateful.
Raffle ticket sales were brisk all weekend for both the spectacular "Butterfly Brigade" Friendship Quilt and the stunning diamond and opal earrings. 

Additionally, a lovely selection of Backing Women merchandise was available for purchase; thank you to Becca Meurer and Marie Benedicte Luxem for bringing in some new and exciting products! All Backing Women proceeds go directly to the Target Project: Hope Beyond Displacement.                                                 
The fundraising figures for Foundation Night and all other weekend sales have not been finalized, however, the number revealed on Sunday afternoon was a very impressive $40,000. Additionally, the latest figures for our "Build the Bookstack" for the Target Project show that, to date, our clubs and individual members have raised an incredible $118,000 for Hope Beyond Displacement. Everyone should be so proud of the fundraising efforts to date. 
We sincerely hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend.

            Until we meet again - 2019, Edinburgh!  

2018 Education Award Recipients
Recipient: Pascal Shrady   (Mother - AIWC Cologne)

SCIENCES AWARD, sponsored in part by AIWC Genoa, in memory of Frieda Bacigalupo Natali
Recipient: Leo Kuhnen   (Mother  - AWC Brussels)

HUMANITIES AWARD, sponsored in part by AAWE Paris, in memory of Gertrude de Gallaix
Recipient: Meaghan O'Hearn   (Mother - AWC Zurich)

Recipient: Fintan Viebahn   (Mother -  Munich IWC)

DUAL CULTURAL AWARD, sponsored in part by Donna Erismann and AWC Bern, in memory of Suzanne Erismann

Recipient: Laura Willhelm   (Mother -  AIWC Cologne)

Recipient: Kristen Melia   (AIWC Naples)

WOMEN IN STEM, in honor of AWA Dubai's 21 years serving the international community of Dubai
Recipient: Melanie Baur   (AIWC Düsseldorf)

Recipient: Tammy Sas-Mayaux   (AAWE Paris)

For further information on all of the recipients, please click here

   2018 Friendship Quilt   
      "Butterfly Brigade"

The lucky winner was Kathy Coughlan.  Kathy is a member of FAUSA.

Many thanks, as always, to Roberta Zöllner for creating such a beautiful masterpiece and to all who submitted quilt squares!  

  Diamond and Opal Earrings
The lucky winner was Cate Napier. Cate is a member of AWC Brussels.


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Suzanne Wheeler
VP Communications
Janet Davis
VP Programs
Tracy Moede

VP Fundraising   
Barbara Bühling
Jodi Gentilozzi
Louise Greeley-Copley
Patti Meek
We on the board of The FAWCO Foundation are, as always, truly grateful to all the volunteers, donors, sponsors, benefactors and participants who contributed to the success of the IM and The Mad Hatter's Tea Party. Your generosity will allow us to continue making a significant impact on many people's lives with the truly worthy programs supported by The FAWCO Foundation, FAWCO, FAUSA and our FAWCO member clubs.
We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.   
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2018 Development Grant Recipients

AW of Surrey Hope Through Education
Butiama Safe House Vocational Training Center
- Serengeti, Tanzania

Pam Dahlgren Educating Africa's Children
#Reboot Computer Literacy
A Safe Spaces Project
- Nairobi, Kenya

AWC The Hague Creating Better Futures
Kitchen For Rural Kenyan Catering Program
- Chepkanga, Kenya

Nurturing Our Planet-
Hazarwadi Open Well
Maharashtra, India

Coughlan Family Foundation's Support in Sickness and Health
Project WIN
- Chiang Mai, Thailand

Critical Health Concerns, sponsored in part by Renuka Mathews
Ending TB in North Korea
- Pyongsong Sanitorium, North Korea 

Breaking the Cycle, sponsored in part by AILO Florence and AWEP
Feed the Starving Rohingyas
- Bangladesh

FAUSA Effecting Change For Women and Children At Risk
The Pillow Project to Stop Child Trafficking
Murang'a County, Kenya
For more details on all of these projects, please click here .