September 2017 

Welcome Back!   We at The Foundation hope that you had a relaxing, inspiring and joyful summer.
We are already preparing for a very busy upcoming year.  The Education Award and Development Grant applications will soon be available, so please start thinking about what you may need in order to submit an application.  Practice applications are available on the Foundation website.  
Foundation Night plans for the Interim Meeting in The Hague are underway with the theme this year being Alice in Netherlands. Come join us at The Mad Hatter's Tea Party!
Over the spring and summer, many clubs may have changed officers.  Are you receiving this edition of NEWS at your club's FAWCO Rep or President's address but you are no longer in that position?  If things have changed hands in your club, please contact me at the email below and let me know who should be receiving the NEWS and at what email address. Please also update your Club Profile on the FAWCO website. Taking both of these measures will tremendously help us keep you up to date. We don't want anybody missing out on vital information!   
Lastly, always remember: The FAWCO Foundation is YOUR Foundation. Please don't hesitate to contact anyone on the Board if you have ideas, recommendations or questions. We love to hear from you!
Best wishes for a wonderful year ahead!
Janet Davis
VP Communications
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Education Awards and Development Grants 
The 2018 Education Award and Development Grant applications will soon be available, however, preliminary information is already on the Foundation website. This includes eligibility requirements and terms of study for EAs and nomination requirements for DGs.

Do you have a child who might be interested in applying for an EA, a child or grandchild who is Dual Cultural, or are YOU interested in furthering your studies? Please visit the Foundation website Education Awards page to see how you or a family member might qualify for an EA.

Has your club been supporting a charity over the last year or years that needs ongoing support?  Are you interested in applying for a DG for a specific organization or project?  Please visit the Foundation website Development Grants page for further information regarding the DGs.

Applications, deadlines and instructions will be posted during the first week of October.  With deadlines in early January, it's best to get applications in before the holiday insanity begins!

The Target Project, Hope Beyond Displacement, launched at the Biennial conference in Mumbai with a great deal of excitement and enthusiasm. Clubs have already been fundraising and donating to this wonderful project.

Has your Club held a fundraiser?  What did you do?  How much did you raise?  We want to see your Clubs in Action!

When you hold a Target fundraising event, be sure to take a few photos and then send one or two, along with a brief description of your event, to:

We will post it on our Clubs in Action page (under Fundraising) on the Foundation website.  This will not only show off your Club's accomplishments but will give other Clubs some great ideas.  Together, we can reach our Target of $125,000.

Thank you for your support!

Spring in The Hague!
Come join us in March for the 2018 Interim Meeting! Registration and further information coming soon to the FAWCO website!  


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On September 2nd, the $10,000 Target Matching Grant Program kicked off. Thanks to the tremendous generosity of The deGroot Foundation, all club donations made to Hope Beyond Displacement will DOUBLE, up to $1,000!  The program will be in effect until the conference in The Hague OR when the $10,000 cap is reached.  
Clubs will receive credit for the full (matched) amount on the Club Donor Wall. 
So let's start planning those fundraisers and raise that bookstack! 

Complete details of the Matching Grant Program can be found here.
Butterfly Brigade
  2018 Friendship Quilt 


The 2018 Friendship Quilt is now under construction. Inspired by the Butterfly Warrior theme in Mumbai, this year's quilt promises to be colorful and spectacular! If you plan to submit a quilt square, you still have a few more weeks to finish your work of art.  Please read the Full Instructions here.

    Deadline October 10!

        REP CORNER 
Encourage club members to sign up for the NEWS!
Communicate to your board and club members that the 2018 Education Award and Development Grant info is on the website!  
Alert your club members to the October 10, 2017 deadline for this year's Friendship Quilt!.
Solicit unique experiences, travel opportunities and donations from your members for the 2018 IM in The Hague!