September 2019 

Happy Autumn!  Whether you found yourself hiking, biking, relaxing or exploring, we at The Foundation hope that you had an inspiring and joyful summer.
The Foundation recently highlighted the need to raise funds in order to provide more Development Grants and Education Awards with the hope that more awards can be disbursed to our very worthy applicants. We want to highlight our sponsors who have made these life changing grants and awards possible. The shared thoughts of our donors, Donna Erismann, AIWC Genoa, Monica Jubaili, Barbara Grub, Renuka Matthews and Dawn Parker,  certainly show us that the impact is significant in both directions- to the giver as well as the receiver. A heartfelt thank you to all of them from The Foundation.To read the motivation behind so much giving and how you can make a difference, click here. 
We are already preparing for a very busy upcoming year.  The Education Award and Development Grant applications will soon be available. If you're considering applying, please check out the 2019 watermarked practice applications available on the website.   
There have been new awards and grants added to the 2020 slate and the announcement will be made October 1st! Keep your eyes open to announcements on and the FAWCO closed group Facebook page. 
Foundation Night plans for the 2020 Interim Meeting in Luxemburg City are well underway.  Hope you will be able to join us next March in beautiful Luxembourg!  
Lastly, always remember: The FAWCO Foundation is YOUR Foundation. Please don't hesitate to contact anyone on the Board if you have ideas, recommendations or questions. We love to hear from you!
Best wishes for a wonderful year ahead!
Tracy Moede 
VP Communications
Education Awards and Development Grants 
The 2020 Education Award and Development Grant applications will soon be available; however, preliminary information is already on the Foundation website. This includes eligibility requirements and terms of study for EAs and nomination requirements for DGs.

T he list Development Grants and the Education Awards have been expanded! Please visit on October 1st for the complete list of grants and awards available.

Do you have a child who might be interested in applying for an EA, a child or grandchild who is Dual Cultural, or are YOU interested in furthering your studies? Visit the Foundation website Education Awards page to see how you or a family member might qualify for an EA.

Has your club been supporting a charity over the last year or years that needs ongoing support?  Are you interested in applying for a DG for a specific organization or project?  Visit the Foundation website Development Grants page for further information regarding the DGs.

Applications, deadlines and instructions will be posted by the first week of October.  With deadlines in early January, it's best to get applications in before the holiday rush! The 2019 applications are watermarked and are there for you to begin gathering the necessary information. Just transfer it to the 2020 applications once they are published.
Encourage your club members to sign up for the Foundation NEWS!
Communicate to your board and club members that the preliminary 2020 Education Award and Development Grant info is on the website!  
Alert your club members to the October 1, 2019 deadline for this year's Friendship Quilt.
Solicit unique experiences, travel opportunities and donations from your members for the 2020 Interim Meeting in Luxembourg!    
Upcoming Deadlines
Quilt Square: October 1

Development Grant & Education Award Applications: January 27, 2020


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25 Years
FAWCO Friendship Quilt

The FAWCO Friendship Quilt is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Since 1996 Roberta Z. has been using her quilting talents and quilt squares donated by FAWCO members to create these beautiful works of art. This year's quilt promises to be a beauty in red and white.  With an October 1st deadline, you still have time to finish up your personal contribution to this beautiful work of art.  Check out the full instructions here.  More samples will be coming soon to the Foundation website .
  Deadline October 1 !
Saturday, March 21    
Join us for Foundation Night in beautiful  Luxembourg at the 2020 Interim Meeting as we honor women's right to vote.  
 "Victory is in the Vote: From New Zealand to Saudi Arabia!"  
2020 also celebrates 100 years of women's voting rights in the USA.

Further details coming soon to



Do you have a destination property, or do you know of a resort or spa that would like to donate a weekend/week's stay?  Does your business offer a unique experience that you would be willing to share?

Help The Foundation support your projects and passions by donating to our Live Auction to be held on Foundation Night 2020 at the FAWCO Interim Meeting in Luxembourg!
Not Receiving The NEWS ?     
If positions have changed hands in your club, please contact me and let me know who should be receiving the NEWS and at what email address. This is also a good time to update your Club Profile on the FAWCO website. Taking both of these measures will tremendously help us keep you up to date. We don't want anybody missing out on vital information!    
Zelle is now available for making payments to The FAWCO Foundation!
Zelle is a US payment option using an App to transfer US Dollars. And it's free of charges and fees!  You'll need a Zelle account, available for use with many US banks. Find The FAWCO Foundation by only using our email address, It's that easy!
As always, please send our treasurer, Kathy DeBest, a note indicating a payment has been made and where you would like the funds to be applied, using the same email address.
Other payment options can still be found on our website under the tab "Ways of Giving."