November 8, 2019
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2019 Bend Chamber of Commerce Annual Report
Our vision is to catalyze an environment where businesses, their employees and our community thrive. We do this by collaborating to solve problems and create new opportunities for our business community and advocating for business at the local and state level.

Without our members, investors, and supporters, we would not be able to do the work we do. 
Please Welcome our 2020 Board Chair & 4 New Board Members
The Bend Chamber Board of Directors represents a wide variety of industry leaders with diverse backgrounds, each of them bring their passion for the Bend business community to the table. Join us in welcoming... 
2019 Economic Impact Breakfast
Is Central Oregon Recession Resilient?
Our annual Economic Impact Breakfast was once again held on Halloween. That fact alone can have a sense of foreboding for some, but rest assured, there were definitely no tricks. Treats? Possibly, in the form of a favorable outlook for the local economy.
Megan Norris: Recently Hired as the Central Oregon Childcare Accelerator
On Monday, we opened our Bend Chamber office doors to Megan Norris, the first Central Oregon Childcare Accelerator. Central Oregon Daily stopped by to learn more.
CEO, Katy Brooks Joins the Governor's Early Learning Council
"Only 1 in 3 children under the age of 5 actually have a place to go," Brooks said. KTVZ News Channel 21 met up with Katy to learn more.
Save the date: NOVEMBER 19
Don't Miss the Last What’s Brewing of 2019!
Future Ready: Education’s Role in Developing the Workforce
Hear how our education professionals and institutions are preparing our future workforce for employment in Bend’s ever evolving business environment.
Superintend Mikalson to leave Bend-La Pine Schools, Announces Move to HDESD
“We will be announcing our next steps for our search process in the days to come and look forward to working with the community to select the next leader of Bend-La Pine Schools,” McPherson Douglass said.
Congressman Greg Walden Announces Retirement
BY: Jennifer Stephens
Bend Chamber Government Affairs Contractor
As a small business owner himself, Greg Walden is known for supporting small businesses and was recognized as, “Guardian of Small Business” by the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) in 2016.
Council Goals Status Reporting Tool
The Council Goals Status Reporting Tool offers regularly updated information about our progress towards achieving Council Goals.
October 2019 Edition
Central Oregon Economic Indicators
It turns out that accounting for all three variables shows that housing is “more affordable” (in terms of borrowing) today than it was before the Great Recession.
Veterans Day Parade this Monday!
On the the "eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month"... This Monday is the 20th Annual Veterans Day Parade in Bend. Join COVO in honoring all Veterans in Central Oregon and beyond. 

The Bend Chamber office will be closed in observance of our veterans.
Become a Valuable Team Member Through StrengthsFinder
This highly interactive, fun and eye-opening workshop will give you an in-depth understanding of your own personal strengths and provide opportunities for you to collaborate with others with different strengths.
Diversity & Leadership:
New Generations, New Thinking
How to address generational issues in the workplace will be covered and a look at how the shift in generations also involves a fundamental new attitude to diversity.
Last PubTalk of 2019
Come down to McMenamins for a happy hour aimed at bringing together different facets of the business community. Pitching Companies:
Carly Kiselycznyk, CEO & Founder, BrainChild Technologies and Lora Haddock, CEO & Founder, Lora DiCarlo
Health insurance deadlines approaching!!
Bend Chamber Association Health Plan
Health care insurance is one of the benefits that not only keeps your employees healthy, but can be a draw to those who come to work for you. We can help you provide a great benefit to attract and retain the best talent possible for your business… at an affordable price. 
Fall Bend Business Edition
Our quarterly paper is now online! Enjoy updates from our CEO and Chairman, as well as business features and insight on the Bend business community.
Welcome New Members!
Join us in welcoming fellow new members to the Bend Chamber of Commerce!
November 14
Ribbon Cutting for Bethlehem Inn
November 19
What’s Brewing | Future Ready: Education’s Role in Developing the Workforce
November 20
Bend YP Social @ The Podski

2019 Bend Chamber Lead Investors