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Crossroads of the American Revolution National Heritage Area
21st century meets 18th century as Pokemon Go invades NJ Revolutionary history sites
Museums and historic villages report visitorship boosts due to smartphone app
TRENTON, NJ - New Jersey's Revolutionary War-related historic sites are being invaded by characters featured in Pokemon Go, a smartphone-based game introduced earlier this month.
According to Noreen Bodman, executive director of Crossroads of the American Revolution National Heritage Area, several sites have reported an increase in the number of people visiting historic homes and parks since the game was introduced in early July. "People are showing up to capture Pokemon or find Pokestops and end up exploring stories of their Revolutionary neighbors and the beginning of our democracy," she said.
Historic sites expect a continued uptick in visitorship throughout the summer as more Pokemon characters are introduced and word spreads about their locations. In one weekend alone, East Jersey Old Town Village in Piscataway, operated by Middlesex County Office of Culture and Heritage, saw about a hundred more visitors as gamers stopped there to find Pokemon.
A list of Revolutionary War-related sites hosting Pokemon Go is available on the Crossroads website at and will be updated as new sites are identified.
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